No connection for second SIM card


I am usind a FP2 with a SIM Card from Deutsche Telekom in slot 1. Currently I moved to Taiwan for a few months and a bought a local SIM Card, which I put into the second SIM Card slot.

I have now set the lacal Taiwanese SIM Card to take calls, send SMS and establish data connection. I have also set my Germany SIM card to 2G network and the Taiwanese SIM card to 4G network. As soon as I do this, the card in slot 1 (Deutsche Telekom) loses all network coverage. That means I also cannot take any phone calls or receive SMS with the German SIM Card as there is no connection at all.
The only way to bring it back to life is to enable 4G network for the Deutsche Telekom card and set the local Taiwanese card to 2G. That is of course not what I want but it is the only way to have connection with both SIM cards.

Any advice how to solve this problem? Could it be a hardware bug again?

I have also tried switching the cards and put them into the other slot: Same result



Which network does Deutsche Telekom use in Taiwan?
It could be that Deutsche Telekom’s roaming partners in Taiwan only operate 3G/4G networks.


Dear Johannes,

good question. When I go to select networks for the Telekom Card it says “no networks found”. Only if I allow 4G I can find networks. That seems to support your theory…

At the same time I can’t use 4G for both my cards :frowning:

That’s normal unfortunately.

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Well, according to, there are some carriers that use the 2G network in Taiwan and that should be compatible with FP2.
Did you already try to connect to 2G networks without having the Taiwanese SIM in your phone?

Hi Irina, thanks for the advice.
With my Deutsche Telekom card I did not try to connect to 2G when only this card is inserted, because it automatically selects a 4G network. As soon as I insert a second local SIM card the problem occrurs.

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