No charging cable but free earbuds ^^

So I was about to buy one of your phones, but then I realized that it doesn’t include the charger or the cable. Its ok, I can understand the decision (although I don’t share it, but that’s not the point) of reducing electronic waste.

What I totally fail to comprehend is how including a usb cable, which basically is nothing more that a stretched piece of cooper, is bad for the environment, but giving away free headphones with their lithium batteries, their complex electronics and their advanced materials, it’s not.

Can I get a discount on my phone for the amount of the price of the earbuds? To reduce electronic waste, of course.


No, you can’t get a discount, but you can just say ‘no’, when asked whether you want to add the free earphones. It’s not mandatory to buy them. But if you wanted to buy them anyway, you can enjoy the free gift.


Btw this is user forum and not official support. Otherwise I agree, the buds are an offer nothing more. You dont need them? Be responsible and just dont include them only because they are for free.


The FP4 (like many other phone) does not have an audio jack (for many reasons including being IP54/splashproof), so people who buy it may need bluetooth earbuds for convenience. Personally I already had a pair, so I bought the FP4 without them.
Regarding the USB cable/charger, I have accumulated many of them over the last years coming from other phones/devices, so I don’t need it.

This might clarifies the philosophy:



Take the earbuds, sell them and buy a charging cable, if you need one. Hopefully a not so fair earphone won’t be bought.

Well I could use them perfectly. Maybe I could just send you my address and you just send me your waste buds…?

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