No charging after I changed the speaker module

my fair phone 3 stopped charging after I changed the speaker module.

Any help?


Hi @elisamariotti Welcome to the forum.

You haven’t said why you changed the speaker module, do you have the old one to replace and see if it charges again?

As I doubt it is related to the speaker it may just be that the connections are not in contact well enough for the whole bottom module to the core module

Thanks a lot for replying me and sorry for my english!

I changed the speaker because the sound was not clean anymore.
I supposed the problem was in the connections so I diassembled and reassembled it 2-3 times and I tryed with the old speaker too,
but it doesn’t work anymore.

That is the reaso why I asked for an help

thanks in advance!


The phone is under warranty for 2 years so you could ask Fairphone for support, and I am slightly surprised you didn’t get Fairphone to resolve the issue.

Hopefully you haven’t taken the phone for a swim and voided the warranty :slight_smile:

There is the possibility that there is a #fairphoneangel near you that may help.

Have you tried another charger/cable?

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Three differenti ones. They work of used with other devices.


Cables etc. can be a problem so it was worth asking. Have you checked for
a #fairphoneangel in your area…

What is that final line about ***, is that an ad?
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Yes, It Is an app (EDIT by moderator: advertising removed)

I did not found any #fairphoneangel in my area

Very disappointed about the fairphone.

I accepted the idea to spend more to be able to adjust It easily…

Thanks a loro anyway.



I’m not sure advertising is that acceptable, it can be interpreted that the topic/post was only created to advertise the app. If you would like to avoid that you may consider removing the app. I don’t think you will find other users use this forum as a place to advertise.
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OK you are not very forthcoming about the options you have/had. For example you didn’t respond to the idea that if you have a warranty, why not use it.

Fairphone can hardly be responsible for you not contacting them. ??

What exactly means ‘stopped charging’? Ain’t the charger recognized at all? What happens, if you connect the phone to a PC? Is a connection shown?

You are 100% sure, that the ribbon cable shown in step 11 was carefully removed and reconnected?

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Warranty cannot apply if the device has not been reassembled correctly, see the post of @Incanus .


You are right.

I removed It.

I configured this old phone this morning, and I did not removed the line that the app write automatically Sorry!



So what about asking support@fairphonedot/com for help officially?

Have you checked the ribbon cable as @Incanus suggested before?

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I Will do It tonight,

I am quite sure the problem Is here…


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I hadn’t mentioned the ribbon cable specifically as you had already reset it a few times, but that was implied by suggesting you do it all again.

I suppose the notion is that the ribbon cable that connects the bottom module to the core could have failed to connect, but after you replacing it a few times it does seem to be a bit of a stretch to think you replaced it improperly each time.

Hopefully it isn’t damaged if that is the case.

Now it works!
After the contribution of all of you,
Tonight I have tried again with a cool head and now it works.

Thank to all of you.

Elisa Mariotti


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