No bluetooth connection between bike and FP2

Hello, I recently get no Bluetooth connection to my EBike. Have already cleared the memory and reset the connection settings. With my wife’s FP3 everything works. What else can you try? Thanks

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Just a guess: In the course of the recent upgrade to Android 10, your Bluetooth Low Energy settings might have been reverted. Look up System > Maintenance > Enhanced hardware features > Enable Bluetooth Low Energy Don’t forget to Apply and Reboot (a bit further down).


Looks good, thank you.


For me turning on Bluetooth Low Energy worked with my Pendix bike system! And also it made possible again to connect with my Aranet4 CO2 sensor. Both connections were impossible after the Android 10 upgrade. These apps both use the app interface to connect to the device instead of the bluetooth settings screen. Apparantly they need the low energy mode for that. Without BLE I could connect from the bluetooth panel but the apps did not function.


Thanks. This also helped me to Connect my Garmin Forerunner again to my Fairphone 2. Before that I got the messages that my Smart Technology was not enabled…

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