No battery for sale so need to change the phone?

Hi there, anyone a solution? My battery for first edition is bloated. I phoned Fairphone and there’s no new battery for sale and they don’t know when and if it is coming…huh? I thought i bought a Fairphone to be as fair as possible!! And keeping it for a long time! Because of the first buyers they could produce this phone and now i need to be without a phone, or buy fair phone 2 (for too much money) or change phone. Strange and not nice for the first buyers. When i change the phone i have problems with my provider concerning contract…For me this is incredible. Bought a fair phone 1 for just 2 years! What is fair about that???

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Indeed… I understand your anger… as one of the main reason to buy a FP is that pieces are replacable.
My battery seems to be bloated too. I just sent an email to FP team and hope they will replace the battery as it turns on itself and I have the second version of FP. As I read the forum through, it appears to me that they were beginners, not really aware of the complexity of making an ethical phone. I would be really disappointed if I had to return to a conventional phone…

You cannot think to have control of everything.
Also if it’s already available the battery you may have to wait usually 1 weeks (or more) to receive your package, so… In this case you should have a “spare phone” (probably the second last that you had) and use it for a couple of weeks.

Apparently the FP1 / FP1U battery will become available from the Fairphone Shop again next week.


Yes! They wrote me via Facebook. Very nice…a pity that the person on the phone did not know anything. Anyway, it will soon be fixed. Thanks for answering!

Good news that they’re going to release new FP1 batteries!
I was also afraid that the “spare parts replacement” explicited when I bought it (one of the reasons that made me take the decision, not only the Fair phylosophy of the project) was only an idea and not a reality…
Although I don’t need the battery yet, I’m looking forward for having the possibility to buy it ASAP (my FP1 is 1.5 years old…).

Hey all,

The battery situation is complicated. To say the least. As you can read in the Spare Parts blog getting a constant supply of spare parts for the Fairphone 1 has been a struggle from the beginning.

Beginning this week we heard that new batteries would arrive one week later. But today the latest news is that we won’t get them before August. Our people are putting a lot of work to make sure we can still deliver spare parts, but for some parts this already seems to become next to impossible.

One of those parts is the FP1 screen; it is really hard to find new manufacturers that want to produce small batches of displays over and over again.

A program to ask people to return their FP1’s in exchange for money or a discount on the FP2, so we can reuse the parts to repair other FP1’s is becoming a more realistic scenario by the day…

I hope this helps you understand our situation a bit better, but please feel free to ask more questions. This is a developing situation, so expect new information to arrive us, and then you, from time to time. I’ll do my best to keep you up-to-date.



Is there a possibility to have me updated on said program to return FP1 in exchange for a discount on a FP2? It really would be a nice solution.

I have the same problem, and have been waiting for fairphone to get back to me for over two weeks. I’m not impressed.

I’ve a FP 1 that works almost normally. The only “minor” issue is that the screen is broken. The location for touch is shifted (ie, when yo touch the “5” it registers an “8”). I have a replacement screen, but not being an engineer I did not manage to replace it. If it’s done by a pro it will cost me an extra 100€, so 175€ in total.
I used an old Samsung for a while, but that also died on me. My solution was to buy a new Sony with sufficient features for 325€. More choice in add-ons, covers etc. Not ethical, but for me best value for money.

So, if anyone is interested, fully functional FP 1 for 175€; even the battery works

PS: I bought my FP for it’s ethical/eco thoughts. The focus of FP has, under pressure from a part of the community, shifted towards open source. In my opinion this has little to do with “Fair”. I can start a rant about “eco is also upgrade-ability”, but the bottom line is that I’m not paying a premium for hobbies. I’ll donate the premium to some other good cause

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You’d probably get more response (if required) in this topic:

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Since i had the same problem i ordered two new batteries since my girlfriend has another FP. And you might want to have it when the Android 4.4 makes it possible to play Pokémon GO :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey all,

Since 1 minute Fairphone 1 batteries are available again!

Go get your fix :wink:


Oh! A pity we did not know that the battery was coming…had to buy a new phone because i could not do anything. But i want this battery! can I also pick it up in Amsterdam somewhere!! I really want to, instead of paying about 7,50 euro to send it. Could you please inform me about this. Thanks.

@Douwe does FP ever thought about to ask Hi-P to build Batteries or may be also screens for Fairphone1?
I just think if the FP1 Factory stopped ceating screens, Batteries etc for FP1 they will run out once, it’s only a matter of time.


Hi-P is the one who created the last batches of FP1 screens. But also for them it seems to become really hard to get the parts needed to make the screens.

They are at our warehouse in Tilburg, but if all goes well we get two or three at the office at the end of next week. You’re more then welcome to pass by and pick one up. Just drop me a message so I can make sure it is there for you.


:joy: i mean the factory who makes the FP2.
But may be Hi-P would do that, if I’m right FP1 was just a kind of covered Hi-P product, like IBM did with Lenovo ThinkPad etc.
So they, Hi-P, could use the Batteries for their own product line.

Hi Douwe, yes please, i like to pick one up…so you can make it sure it is there for me. Thanks.

Well, I’m on my 2nd battery in only 2 years and that’s already pretty rubbish and barely lasts a day, even with only relatively light use. I ordered a new battery when they came in and decided to pay by bank transfer. When I looked at it later, I can only transfer in Euros, not Pounds, so went to change the method of payment.

But you can’t do that it seems. You can only cancel and then re-order with a different payment method. So I cancelled. And now there’s no batteries left to buy.

Whilst I completely understand why it’s difficult to get new batteries made, in a while my battery will make using my phone impractical, so I’ll have to buy a different phone and that makes me sad.

I don’t expect any answers, I’m just sounding off because I’m feeling sorry myself and sorry for my phone!

The battery is for sale in the shop.