No back and home buttons on lineage-16.0-20191017 GSI

I followed the instructions at [HOW TO] Flash a custom ROM on FP3 with GSI and installed LOS 16.0 from

But now I don’t have a back or home button. If I open one app, I can’t got back to the launcher or switch to another app.

Does anyone else have this? And ideally knows what to do?

Please revisit the How To, starting at “Troubleshooting Tips - To get back the navigation bar” :wink: .


Yeah, totally overlooked it. Too much new information :wink:

Use Magisk module MagiskHidePropsConf and set prop qemu.hw.mainkeys to 0.

That looks pretty simple, but it took me some time as I’m not so familiar with Magisk. Here are the steps I did:

  • install MagiskHidePropsConf by searching for it in the “Downloads” section of Magisk manager
  • install Busybox for Android NDK by searching for it in the “Downloads” section of Magisk manager
    • otherwise one gets an error message from the props command that comes with MagiskHidePropsConf
    • reboot
  • adb shell and then props following the menu to “Add/edit custom props > New custom prop” to create the qemu.hw.mainkeys property and then setting it to “0”
    • reboot

Now I got the navigation bar back :slight_smile:


You are right. This sounded more simple in the How To.
I added your steps there.


Where is that “How To at “Troubleshooting Tips - To get back the navigation bar”” - not in the forum and not under FP support. Such hints without a link are useless (maybe not for the people who know all this stuff anyway, but for us who are naive and looking for help. wink wink

It’s the first link in the first post of the topic, the one “screaming” HOW TO :wink: .

Thanks for spotting an imprecision in the wording which I didn’t realise, I edited my post to make the reference more clear. And I added a link.

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Just to be clear since you just posted over there in the Fairphone 2 section in a similar sounding topic, too …

This topic here is about a GSI version of LineageOS for the Fairphone 3.

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