No automatically WLAN update

just looked: my FP2 3,5 years young, operation time (Betriebszeit): 90h51m – still much too short, or? :slight_smile:

But problem: since some weeks – maybe after the last update to FP OS 19.08.1, Android 7.1.2? – the WLAN signals often are not automatically updated. Sometimes I have to go just into the WLAN overwiew and after some seconds the WLAN list will updated and it connects to the default/usual/known WLAN.
But sometimes – just now – I have to switch off and on the WLAN signal to update the list and to let the FP2 connect to the default one.

Therefore it’s really annoying and I do not know the cause. I did not change any setting (at least not with intention).

Any idea or better: the solution? :wink:

Thanks a lot and Happy WLAN!

Please read through some more threads concerning Android 7 to realize that it still has quite some problems with WLAN as you describe.
Unfortunately there are only workarounds, no real solutions available (unless you consider setting back your WLAN security from WPA2 to WPA is a solution). Some user reported avoiding the 802.11n standard by your router would also help.

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