No automatic wifi connection

Since a coupleof weeks my FP2 does not connect anymore to my home and work wifi networks. I have to restart he phone every time before I can connect to wifi (my network is not available in the list). I presume this started after an update.

Any easier way could be swiping down on your homescreen,
swith on ‘airplanemode’ airplane%20mode
and swith off ‘airplanemode’.

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It may be this bug.

Thank you for the tip, this seems to work half of the time;)

Yhank you for the link. It s definitely the same problem, unfortunately I read a pile of messages with similar complaints, but no solution:( Turning airplane mode on and off seems the best solution so far (solves it half of the times…)

Someone brought up the idea that it might only happen for wifi networks with a non standard character in it’s name. Does your WiFi networks name only contain standard characters?

No, only letters and numbers…

Ok, thanks for the information. Unfortunately I’m not aware of any more help then. :neutral_face:

+1 on this one, I did not see it until my most recent update (19.05.3)

Thanks for trying anyway, appreciate it:)

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