No audio until volume raised


I am experiencing an issue with playing audio on the FP3. What happens is that when e.g. a song starts playing there is no audio at first. Only when I bump up the volume to about 80% the audio starts coming through. It’s almost like the audio service needs to wake up. This happens through the internal speaker as well as bluetooth. It happens with different apps suggesting it’s a system wide issue. However if i test the speakers through the developer options service tests the audio is immediate.

Any suggestions?

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I have exactly the same issue, though no solution unfortunately…

I am going to try a factory reset soon. Hopefully this will fix the issue. I’ll post it here if it does.

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I have the same problem, but most of times it won´t sound even if I bump up the volume to its maximum. It suddenly works okay if I restart the phone… for like a day.

Did the factory reset help?

I also had this issue 1 or 2 times, but only with a piano app (Tonality). No sound when the piano keys are pressed, but it worked after raising the volume. So far not worth complaining to me. Streaming audio or local music files worked all the time within ~ 2 weeks now.

Same problem here. Thanks for the tip on raising the volume as workaround. Any news on the factory reset or other possible fixes?

Same problem with all kind of use of the speaker: deezer, alarm clock, free hand call…Thanks for the tip. No idea to fix it…

I just did a factory reset. Unfortunately the problem persists. It’s really annoying. I am going to contact support on this matter. Hopefully they can come up with a working solution.


I think I found a pattern. When unlocking the phone with the fingerprint the audio is silent until I raise the volume. When unlocking by typing the pincode on the screen the audio works. I think touching the screen somehow wakes up the audio service.

It’s not really a pattern unfortunately. It doesn’t work every time. I did however find another pattern. When running the speaker test through the service menu while my music is playing silently the audio becomes audible. This definitely wakes up the audio service.

This started happening to me occasionally as well. It’s not too much of a problem at the moment, as it doesn’t happen often, but following in case anyone comes up with a fix :slight_smile:

I have the same issue, especially placing videos…
Did you get an answer of support yet?!

This is the response I got. Apparently they are working on a fix but have no release date yet. I’m guessing this will be somewhere in Q1 2020.


We will forward your data to our developers who are currently working to solve the issue.
This is not the desired outcome: as soon as a solution will be ready we will test it extensively and then release the fix in a future update.
We are still in early testing phases, so we do not have a clear schedule of when this issue will be fixed.

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Thank you.
So let’s wait and hope…

Did anyone get an update / fix for this issue? Have had the same issue since day 1, speaker volume gets real low during quiet parts of videos / podcasts ect, then a loud part can “wake” it up to full volume again. This can be induced with a raise of the volume on the phone itself.