No answer from fairphone


It´s being more than 2 week since I sent an email to fairphone because my FP1 is not charging. I also wrote a message in the forum because I saw in some cases fairphone was repliying but I have got no answer. I´m very dissapointed with the treat tha t fairphone is giving me as a client.
My ticket number is #117112.

I think support staff is about 10 people. Compared to 100,000 FP owners it is obvious that they have lots of work to do. Have you posted your request in the “official” thread (Support request not answered yet)?

Yes I have. I can understand they are overloaded but that´s not the point, they should have a better customer service, that should go related to the number of users they have. I really need my phone back so I´m thinking about buying a new one and for sure, with that customer service, I´m not buying a FP although it matches with my ethics.

Do you have the same trouble as me? The load contact on the phone is broken. My case is easily fixed, I hope, by insert a new one. Its lokks like I need to buy a new frame, however, I am not sure this contact is located there…

This is some very short term thinking in my humble opinion. Yes, Fairphone’s customer support is not good at the moment and yes, they should have a staff number dependent on the number of their customers. I’m sure, they would if they could, because the support is currently under heaviest fire whereever I read in the forums and I can totally understand that, because nobody likes to have a broken phone for weeks and months.

But that’s one of the downsides you get if you choose to support a startup company which has limited budget. Fairphone simply cannot compete with the “global players” except for the very purpose of the project, which is fairness and transparency.

I cannot use my phone myself and I am also waiting for my ticket to be answered. But I am aware that I agreed to such circumstances when I bought, because in the end Fairphone still has to make money to sustain the project and thus has to make compromises on how they invest their money.

That’s why I’d rather try to help people in the forums and encourage them to choose the support ticket as very last solution if all other approaches failed. And finally, please be patient.


When I have been desparate I have used social media, like twitter. They seem to be eager not have bad reps, so they answer usually there. Very sad indeed

Well, unfortunately they are overloaded with work, but they also hired new staff recently to improve the situation :+1: (hopefully soon the backlog will be dealt with).
Anyhow, you can always give them a call: that’s even faster than contacting them via social media :wink:

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Yeah, calls are easy to make if you have a working phone… and sit in Europe. That was not always my case…

First things first - yes support should answer e-mail tickets in a (much) shorter time frame. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about that on the forum.

If your internet connection is any good and you have a headset, you could try a VoIP solution instead. One of the famous internet calling providers even offers unlimited calls to landlines in the Netherlands on a pay monthly basis, with no minimum term from a couple of Euros - other have really cheap rates to many places, in case you also want to make some other calls whilst the phone isn’t working. Some mobile providers will even let you make calls that fall under your contract using a web service (though this is rare - not 100% if there is anyone still doing this…). Again, not the hassle you should be going through, but I’m just putting it out there in case this is useful alternative for anyone.

Note that returns and shipping parts etc. only work within/to Europe. If it’s a software problem, try asking on the forum - the response speed tends to be faster.


Please stop giving me non useful advices. Sometimes I stay months away, in Tanzania or elsewhere, and I need my phone to work. And no, I usually do not have good enough internet for whatever you try to make me do. But twitter works. And that is of course a problem.
To have a fairphone is a way to try to make less impact on the environment, but if you need to have another phone, it is not working, right?!

i also had a broken phone and slow reactions from support team. but then i called them and after that the replacement was fast. so i think if your phone really is broken you should call them.
i think we should excuse the slow support. it is clear that they can not keep up with apple support infrastructure. waiting for the phone is alway hard but we waited so long, and will also wait again for the fp3.