No alarm sounds playing


my FP2 is not playing any alarm sounds since a couple of weeks.
Googled a lot and searched in this forum but no solution seems to fit.

Alarm volume is cranked to max but the alarm is only vibrating.
In the menu, where I can choose the alarm sound, I see all the standard alarm tones but when I choose one of them, it is not playing as well.

I don’t know where the standard alarm tones can be found, but the folder FP2 > Internal Memory > Alarms is empty.

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I have the exact same problem. It started a week or two ago. The alarm goes off but without sound. When I want to select an alarm sound, I can click on them but I don’t hear them (but I do hear a very low-volume beep coming from the earpiece). I checked all do-not-disturb settings and so on and everything is set correctly. Very annoying problem of course.

I’m using an FP2 with the open source version of Android.

I fixed this problem by simply turning the phone off & back on again. Maybe try to remove & put back in the battery as well.

Shame on me… i guess. :wink:

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