Night or sport pictures


I got very frustrated lately when I tried to make pictures at night, typically of the moon. The same occurred with picture in movement (sport pictures for example). I haven’t found a mode to do it and automatically, the camera doesn’t focus.
What would you recommend?

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A decent camera :wink:? Honestly, it ain’t that easy to toke pictures of the moon. Everything is dark, except the moon so every camera over exposures heavily, if you don’t control the values manually. You can try to use other camera apps like Open Camera or a port of the Pixel camera app, to have more control over the parameters.

Have a look here, it might help with the night pictures:

Ah yes! The moon

It’s sad to see I’m not the only one with this concern.
I have tried all the apps mentioned and no luck
Default App
Open Camera
Google (Nikita)

I think @Incanus has the gist of it, but even when I do manual settings I get nowhere, although I am still not sure it is not a focusing issue as I almost got an image through binoculars but could hold all anything still enough.

Equivalent to 35mm (full frame digital FX), the focal length of the Fairphone 3+ is 25.6 mm. This is a “wide” wide-angle lens in full format. The moon is photographed with a focal length from 200mm to 800mm or more, depending on the intention. With a focal length of less than 50mm (normal lens), the moon is only a small white dot. You can expose it as much as you like and it will not be more than a small white dot.
Sports photography: not with a smartphone.
Both photo topics are rather something for DX or FX cameras. So night or sports photography with the FP3 is not a good idea and ends in disappointment.
@Incanus said it already A decent Camera!


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