NFC to Abbott Freestyle Libre broken in 8901.4.A.0016.6 [FIXED in 0017.3]

Hello @lucaweiss, nice meeting you. I’ve uploaded an android bug report at the URL you shared above. Let me know if that’s what you need or I can help in any other way.


I managed to reset the phone and reapply the last working version. (Quite complex and inconsistently documented.) Then restored Google backup, and fiddled about getting my phone to behave and look the way it used to. (All in all, about 1/2 day.) The good news was that after logging back into my LibreView account, I was able to resume scanning the sensor I was wearing as if nothing had happened!


Hi all,
we’ve prepared a beta build with minimal changes to try to see if it fixes this issue.
For anybody interested, please send me the IMEI1 of your FP3 via forum direct message so we can add you to this special build.

Please note that this build is not Google certified so any apps relying on certification (e.g. banking apps or Netflix) probably won’t work on that version. Also this won’t sign you up to the regular beta program, just for special builds for this issue.

Thanks for everyone who reached out and who confirmed that the experimental build solves the issue! We’ll be including this fix in the next update that is being worked on right now.


Since there was at least no immediate outcry that it would be nonsense, can you or anybody from the development team say, whether this here could be considered by Fairphone or why it would be impossible …

IMEI [Edited, see below]
I’ll consider the beta if there’s a good chance it fixes the issue. I do not use the phone for banking etc.

Simon (Bill_Yellow)

Forum consensus seems to be it is not a good idea to post the IMEI publicly, therefore edited.
Another indication for this is that interested users were asked …

To send a direct message, tap or click on → @lucaweiss ← (or the avatar picture accompanying the posts) and then use the “Message” link.


Thanks, I did not intend to publicly share my IMEI, but not really au fait with how this forum interface works.


What exactly does that update fix? NFC only, the bluetooth-issue, too?

@MikeSixPointEight It’s just a change for NFC that aligns some code to how it was in the previous update. Otherwise it’s identical to the 0016.6 build.
While we’re looking into buying one of these Freestyle Libre 2 sensors to hopefully reproduce the issue, currently we don’t have a way to do so. So we’re hoping to know whether this change fixes the issue or not.

@kizorro You would be able to switch back to the normal stable builds with the next MR release which will presumably be released in October. Downgrades on Android are not supported.

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Too bad, but ok, you’re working on the problems. I like that.

Hi, I have the same problem
My IMEI1 is: xxx

hi and welcome to the community, I removed your IMEI number, please contact lucaweiss in a private message instead


Thanks but I see no way to contact @lucaweiss in a private message

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you might not have yet the right to do this. just spend a few more minutes in the forum reading a few topics to get the next “level”

Edit to be more precise: To be able to send a direct message to the user, you will need to reach trust level 1 by entering/opening at least 5 topics, reading at least 30 posts and spending a total of 10 minutes reading posts


:slight_smile: there are several question popping up with this rule.


Yes there are a few hurdles to jump in order to send a PM but you hopefully there.

It was not a great idea to ask on the forum to ask for the IMEI number. Rather the post could have asked the user to make contact first before attempting to send any personally identifiable data.

It could have|can be sent by general email
FAO lucaweiss

All the best

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Yes. No. Because thats not really what defines a hurdle. You can open 5 threads, scrolling slowly as if reading, fetch an espresso. Moreover, you can automate this fully

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Hi @lucaweiss, I have some issues sending you a private message (the “message” icon does not appear). I just sent you using the email Hoping you received it well. I would be happy to check this version and hopefully make the vital application work again!

Thank you for the support,

Hi and welcome to the forum.

New users have limits to their options, one being unable to send private messages.


Thank you for this information. I have installed Glimp, but it doesn’t work with freestyle 2.
When I try to scan the freestyle sensor, I hear two vibrations but the glycemia is not written.
And I receive the notification “Libre sensor of unknown or unsupported type”.
I read more carefully the doc of Glimp : it doesn’t work for freestyle 2.
I conclude that NFC is working (with the vibrations) but that the librelink application doesn’t work (and until now, Abott does nothing to correct it).