NFC issues - reading cards and payment


I’m having severe NFC issues with my new FP3. NXP TagInfo crashes while reading tags and NFC TagInfo keeps telling me the tag is removed where it just is not.

Even while tapping the card physically to the back of the phone (where the NFC logo is located) it does not properly work.

Using the NFC for payment works sometimes but very unstable. Often my payment application (bunq) keeps telling me there was a communication issue with the payment terminal. This happens with different CCV Vx820 and Worldline Yomani terminals. Tapping the corner of the phone (where the NFC antenna seem to be located) to the payment terminal makes it work a little better but not very stable.

I’m curious where this can and will be resolved with a software update or if it a hardware issues and needs a physical replacement.


The NFC antenna is definitely located at the bottom right (when seen from the front), so tapping that corner is a good idea. Did you try scanning tags with the tag near that corner of the phone? I mean, touching the back of the phone, not the actual corner.

If using the right corner does not help, it would be a hardware issue, in which case you should contact Fairphone support (#contactsupport) or the reseller where you bought your phone for a warranty replacement.


Where did you get this information from? Only thing I could find is that according to the iFixit teardown the NXP Q31A1 chip is located at the marine blue chip. Which suggests rather the middle of the smartphone, right side.


I heard this in the office where they had an FP3 carrying an NFC logo behind the back cover in the lower left part (seen from the back).


Same problem here… I know where to locate the NFC reader. When reading in the dutch DigID app, it seems that it starts connecting, but after a second or so crashes at 40% (not sure, this can be just the interface showing a status bar).

Any ideas on how to fix this? Now NFC seems to be very unstable and thus useless…

I haven’t tried out NFC tags yet, but I also find that some payment sensors establish poor connections. I also quickly found out that you really have to use the right corner of the phone.

For me, I’ve been able to get security layer “substantial” with a DigiD service centre plus my ID card. This was a few months ago. I assume the NFC chip still works.

I can detect the ID card with NXP’s TagInfo. It reads OV chip as well (though does not acquire the keys), and can also detect my bank card. It does not show any info on the ID though, while it does on the other 2.

I’m able to make payments with the NFC chip with bunq app. Just need to figure where to hold the phone on the seller’s side. That isn’t always obvious.

I have a problem with a not working NFC. There is no live at all in the chip. The Dutch DIGID app recognizes it when the NFC is turned off in the settings. But it never finds the chip of my drivers licence or paspoort.