Next release FP2 Open OS?

Hi all,

will there be a new release of the FP2 Open OS in the near future?


There’s a beta update currently in testing.

Have a look at this if you are interested to join the beta program:


Are you aware of bi-monthly (maybe beta-)releases? On which release are you now?

I think there is a update frequency. We get every 3 or 4 Month an update after they focus the work on fairphone 3. Last Update was august 19. So if we’re lucky they release this or next month an update

If we were lucky, the next update would be out already.
They are trying to reintroduce the Dual-SIM toggle with it so you can deactivate a SIM again, but there’s still significant trouble with the feature, so the public release is still pending.

By now I’ve heard about the beta program. I wouldn’t consider myself experienced enoug yet (“we…recommend that only experienced users participate in the program.”)
I’m on the current release at the moment.

But still…it sounds quite interesting to me in the future since the update frequency of the FP2 seems to have been lowered compared to the years before.

It’s a phone manufactures major problem. They have limited ressources and only earn money with selling new phones/components. My conclusion: So they focus the current model 3

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