New with smartphone + forum, questions about e OS

No I just mean I bought it from FP itself, not a reseller or anything. And the carrier for the old phone refused to unlock for some reason.

Tbh I think I’ve overcomplicated this, I was being paranoid because of what happened last time, I didn’t really expect to explain the full situation behind my anxiety on this. FP can’t have locked to any carrier, which was the issue before, I just wanted to make absolutely sure before I did something that is, until the official ROM comes out, irreversible.

When you buy a phone from Fairphone it is ‘unlocked’ as in you can use whatever network/carrier you choose.

I haven’t heard of a carrier locking a phone they don’t sell as part of a contract!

The notion is that you are locked to the contract if you buy the phone on a monthly contract and thereby get the phone ‘cheap’ or ‘free’

If you buy a SIM only contract or a PAYG the carrier would have no interest in which phone you put the SIM. You think this was the Tesco Mobile?

So you still have a functioning FP3 not the FP3+ ?

Carrier locked phones are still a thing? :thinking: I thought those died off two decades ago, wow, awful :roll_eyes:

As amoun said, since you bought it directly it’s yours to bring to whatever (compatible) network you like. But keep in mind /e/ and iodé are one way for now, if you need the full camera to function, don’t switch.


Yes it can happen with early dev custom rom and new socks phone.
If you make a turn on XDA forum, you’ll find some pple encountered problem with mediatek socks’ phone with early new android GSI images.

But it deals with 1-Early dev 2-Generic System Image on 3-a very large panel of phones. So it’s inevitable that there is bug or not working simcard…

Here you deal with the Fairphone. E/os/ make a special rom for this phone. Yes it’s a beta test but its quite stable and does not match with the above points.

If you read the thread about installing Eos on the FP4 on the dedicated Eos forum, you’ll find many pple succeded. There is no 0 risk, but a bunch of luck that it works :wink:

Good morning everyone,
Sorry if I write here, I didn’t want to open a new thread.
I would like to get a Fairphone 4, I was wondering one thing: is it possible to switch from Android to e OS Murena and vice versa? Or if you buy a model with Murena OS already installed, can’t you switch to Android?
Thank you!

You can‘t just switch, but you can (carefully) install stock Android again, after you used /e/OS and vice versa. It‘s always a full wipe, so you have to reinstall every app and copy the data from your backup.


Mandatory comment:
/e/OS is Android, too, but we know what you mean :wink: .

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