New version of Fairphone shop website

I think that ahead of the FP5 launch, the website for the shop had something of a revamp.
The most glaring issue is the Spare parts category, we can’t filter by product like we used to :pensive:

What do you think? Can we send feedback to ask for the filter-by-product?


You can send requests for everything. However I’m not sure the re-construction is finalized this is already ongoig since some time


True, it looks much better. But the URLs in the Fairbuds app are broken since the change. I guess I’ll have to contactsupport and notify them since this is already like this for almost 2 weeks (maybe longer, I didn’t have the app before).

Edit: done, contacted support about this.


I agree, it’s totally dysfunctional, it’s definitly optimized for new shiny products, not for spare parts (no filter for model of spare parts, no mail reminder if parts are back in stock). I doubt that they’ll add more features, cause it’s not their shop system, it’s an external ERP system like odoo or something else.

The “filter” for spare parts exist.
But not for model, so you have to navigate.

That’s not a filter, it’s a shop category. What I meant was the old shop filter in the spare parts category to select the Fairphone model, then it was easy to find the specific spare part.

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i just found out yesterday or so, that apparently the account / shop authentication has been technically modified from its previous state over to maybe some external auth provider (password etc get submitted in browser to some subdomain / url with or so it showed)

i find unannounced and unexplained changes on this level very confusing and dangerous for the user.

i would welcome it if the fairphone company could explain such proceedings and sudden changes especially on the security layers etc. thanks.


Hi all,
I also found another problem… The french reparability index (:fr: Indice de réparabilité) is not shown anymore on their website.


According to french laws, it should appear on “all pages enabling the purchase of the concerned product” (:fr: “toutes les pages permettant l’achat du produit concerné”).
As I’m not a jurist, I don’t know if the laws concerning the reparability index apply to non-French sellers, but I think it’s the case if they sell their products to French customers, as Fairphone does.

They should also be proud to have a score of 9.3/10 for the Fairphone 4 and 5. I can’t even understand the marketing point of hiding it…

Source (in french):

Do you think I should contact Fairphone’s support to explain them this problem?


Absolutely …
(Pinging @anna_jopp here additionally.)

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Hi @koumilak and @citroniais , thank you for your comments - the Fairphone website has indeed undergone some big changes in the past few weeks. I have forwarded the feedback about the filtering option and the repairability index to my colleagues. :email:


Thank you very much Anna!

Is it just me, or is the whole Spare parts section gone from the shop navigation currently?

The content is still there … … but the navigation menu for me looks like this (mobile, Fennec as well as /e/OS browser) …

Edit: It’s available in the navigation menu on other pages (than the shop starting page where I saw it missing) …

Edit 2: On the shop starting page it gets even better in landscape mode …

No scrolling possible, the sections are hidden depending on the screen resolution. Not good.


Thank you for pointing this out :pray: - I just tried on my Fairphone 3 (Opera Browser) and can confirm that the menu isn’t fully visible on that page. I will create a ticket about it.


The add to cart button is broken for the fairphone 4, just came to say it to the creator of the website so he can fix it :

@anna_jopp seems it might be good that all functions are thoroughly checked, as there seem to by many malfunctions…

Hi @yvmuell, our team is aware and working on checking and fixing everything. The issue mentioned by @AnotherElk is now fixed and the rest has already been flagged. Thank you very much for mentioning these!


wonderful to see the filters for accessories and spare parts:)