New upgrade has wrecked text entry

I’ve just allowed Android to run an upgrade.
Now I go to Facebook or Twitter, start typing, and after 1 character it refuses to accept a second and throws me out!!
Text entry in Messenger is also hideously slow and Delete takes ages
Can I uninstall the update?

What is your current version of Fairphone OS (what does the Fairphone Updater tell you)?

I’m assuming that you have installed 1.8.5 and something went wrong during the update. I suggest to run the process again (Go to the Fairphone Updater’s advanced mode and click “Fairphone Kola Nut 1.8.5”, also if it says Current Version).

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As per email comms -
Updater doesn’t tell me anything about the version it’s installing;
I can’t see where to access Updater Advanced;
Text entry is very flaky, sometimes working, sometimes locking up, especially on Messaging (currently OK on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger etc.)
And it’s deleted my Gmail app. Not going to try to rescue that until this is sorted out…

Please help. The problem persists. How can I sort my phone out?

I merged your two posts. Please edit your post rather than replying multiple times.

Since you seem pretty lost, I’d say the most straightforward solution is to install Fairphone OS Kola Nut 1.8.5 manually. Read carefully and follow the steps. Please report back, after you have followed all the instructions.

I need to know which download to choose in Step 1.
How do I identify my phone – FP1 or FP1U? In “About Phone” it says Model number FP1, Android version 4.2.2, Build Number W20-HL.V0026. But I bought it in late 2014, so I’m wary of choosing FP1. Would the wrong choice cause damage?

The information is there, you just need to read! :wink:

I asked a perfectly serious question.
May I just say: I am paying for this phone, it has (without my interference) stopped working normally and I am no longer able to use basic functions, like SMS and email. I am NOT literate in phone OS, and I am trying to get the damn thing working. This response is NOT what I would expect from a professional support team. I asked a valid question and I was hoping for a serious answer.
I am half minded to return the thing to the vendor and terminate the contract.

Hey Mike,
Please be aware that you are not talking to support or fairphone employees here. If that is what you want please go here:

About your question: If you bought your phone (first hand) in late 2014 it should be a FP1U but to double check you can go to settings > storage: If there is an internal storage with 13.37GB than you have the FP1U if you have an internal and a phone storage than you have the FP1.


Or look here :wink:

Thank you very much for that - I was about to assume FP1, but in fact it is an FP1U, so I was about to install the wrong OS.
Not that I’m happy to try anything so reckless! I may just do a factory reset. All I want is a working phone…

OK understood, the distinction between Support and Forum is rather lost on me given that both use the same website. My provider has pointed me in your direction. I didn’t think my question was being taken seriously, but someone, somewhere, has to, and soon. I will head for Support.

A hard reset is usually the last measure because it deletes everything on your phone. If you do it make sure you have a good backup first.
So a manual install is probably better at first and should something go wrong you can still do a hard reset.

I’ve sorted it. Kola Nut 1.8.5 is running and text entry is OK again. Phew.
The problem I would like to draw to your attention is with Fairphone Updater. All week, I’ve been trying to follow Stefan’s original instructions to upgrade, without success. I would open the Updater, it would ask right away for superuser access (which I allowed), but then it would give me a blankish page with a “Cancel/Install” option, with no instruction as to what it was trying to do. I would always click Install, and it would go off and do Something, always with the unsatisfactory result. Wrong!! I tried again but this time, I clicked Cancel (hardly intuitive), and I got finally to the proper Updater screen as shown in teh tutorial, which told me what was running (Cherry 1.6) and gave me the Fairphone OS option to choose an upgrade. After that, all was plain sailing. This has left me without a phone all week until I had time to spend on it.

I need a big sign, saying “NOT A FAIRPHONE EMPLOYEE”. :wink: @MikeBond I understand that you would not expect such an ironic answer as mine from a professional support team and neither would I. My apologies for having upset you!

The Fairphone Team was aware of the buggy updater in Fairphone OS 1.6, that’s why they replaced it in 1.8.5 with a new version.

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