New update Fairbuds XL (V87)

It seems that when installing the Fairbuds XL V87 update it freezes at 78% when uploading (10-15 minutes already when writing this). Is that a known issue and does anybody know what to do without causing other issues?

I had very similar. I closed the phone app and restarted it, after which the app offered the firmware update again. Trying to install it a 2nd (and 3rd) time had the same result.

The Fairbuds seemed to mostly work afterwards, but the startup jingle sound seemed to glitch, stopping part way and restarting. There may have been other audio pops and clicks at times. I reported all this to support, who asked that I send them in for repair. I sent them off and am now awaiting their return.

Just received a new pair of Fairbuds XL, and I tried to update, but got stuck on 46%. Restarted app, restarted buds, tried again - it got till the 100% and restarted buds, reconnected, but update progress never finished. Tried a couple of times more, with no luck.
Reinstalled the fairbuds app, and triggered the update again - now it instantly said that I’m already up to date.
So maybe app just had trouble communicating update status with the headphones before the reinstall.

Had a similar problem. Solved by waiting. Needed 2 attempts and some patience. :slight_smile:

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Similar issues on my side. The first two tries got stuck (91% and then 83%).

For the third time, I killed the Fairbuds app on my phone (Android FP5), and then during the update, I kept pressing the screen to prevent it from going to standby. The headphones restarted, but the app kept showing “Updating…”. I killed the app again and then tried to re-do the update, but it just showed me congrats, and I heard the chime in the headphones.

There is a lot of room for improvement in this process.

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so in the end it just the app bugging?

To me, this is how it seems.

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Just to follow up on this: eventually I was sent a new set of Fairbuds XL.

I’ve taken the new set through the V87 and V90 firmware updates. Both times have needed several attempts with restarting and/or reinstalling the app, but the app has finally claimed success. So far the sound glitches have stayed away.

Same issue upgrading to V90, it froze at 56% (presumably due to my screen timing out) but my headphones did restart. I tried force-stopping the app but it didn’t achieve anything. Uninstall and reinstalled the app and it said they were up to date.