New update, dual sim

Hi, i have two sim cards, and cant turn them off. I just updated my phone FP2 to android version 7. And now the switches that enabel or disabel thesim cards are gone. Sombody who knows how i can turn them off?

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Unfortunately it’s currently not possible to disable the sim cards.
See Android 7 update: most annoying bugs, FAQ, etc or bugtracker.


This is really a problem becaus, in case you forgot, fairphon has problems connecting to internet when 2 sim cards are on. To debug this you need to turn one sim card of, connect to internet and then you can turn the other sim card on again.
Basicaly now I have no more internet. Its a pitty that havig Fairphine means choosing between getting lost or not being able to call your mom. It Sucks

@ddarja, I have used dual SIM for a while in different countries last year and had no problems with internet, could you open a new topic to describe your settings and SIM cards? Pretty sure we can get that fixed. It’s unrelated to the bug in question here.


Hello, I do have the same problem as Elias and I am really upset about that, because I use one SIM card for work and I really want to turn it off during weekends or vaccation. Also, it is not possible the choose the SIM when sending an SMS - it was possible before. I think these to problems should be fixed because its a basic thing you need when using a two SIM phone.

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