New SMS app insted of the standard android

I’m an old man whose hands shake a bit, it’s a problem when I have to text on the standard OS phone app.
I have tried turning the phone in landscape so I would get a bigger keyboard, but nope, it just gets even smaller as the phone splits it in two with keyboard on one side and text on the other.
Is there an app, or trick, that solves this?
Yours Steen

There has been a similar thread on resizing keyboard (instead of switching the app for messaging), please have a look


You didn’t show us a screenshot. IF it isn’t perfect split screen i.e. keyboard is part of the half screen, i think i have the solution ----> I am using my FP5 and Android 13.
I think you have floating keyboard. I assuming you see what i see in the standard texting when in floating keyboard. Now I will give instructions…
THere is a circle in top left with with 4 squares in it. Press it.
Next screen keyboard has been replaced with a menu notice the one says Floating, if icon has diagnol line through it Press that button/icon.
This will remove floating keyboard.
Has this resolved it?
You can do a bit of resizing and movement if that helps using the 4 squares in circle after unfloating the keyboard. If you don’t see the circle and 4 squares - might need to find some settings somewhere.

Sorry i haven’t done a screenshot (or video)

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thanks for all the answers. I have experimented with different apps and the Microsoft app can do exactly what I want. So I stick to that

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