New slim back cover

Well I like my slim case and so far have no problems whatsoever with it…

My only comment would be: it is slimmer compared to the original one but it’s not slim…

It’s better for my small hands but still too big (ohh how much I love my FP1!!!)


I’m curiuos about the progress :slight_smile: any news about publishing the CAD-Data?


I actually do have troubles with one specific cable which was from Samsung and seems to be worn out meanwhile. It has those barbs but does not connect well any more. But if I put something (eg. a pencil) underneath the plug it works :wink:

Isn’t this a big deal for anybody else? I mean, nothing says openness and transparency like a … transparent cover.


If you search for “transparent cover” you will find out that many have criticized that transparent covers aren’t available anymore.

I read in the following comment It is coming (Android 6 launch event), that there is a possibility that fairphone publishes the slim case files, so you can print your own transparent cover :slight_smile:

@Douwe is not talking about the slim case there, but about a DIY case by @keesj.


Ah sorry, i mixed a littlebit :confused:

The new slim-cover looks nice, but let us not forget that there are some issues related to the slim-cover.
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All discussions about releasing the CAD files of the slim back cover could be continued in the hardware thread FP2 Printed Cases : 3D models i think…
(Sorry, but there is no progress or answer at this time, i thought/hoped @Douwe would ask around if there are plans for releasing the files)

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You say the FP2 case is built in but my FP2 just arrived & I don’t feel the case is all that robust would definitely feel more secure if I could get another case for it! I never got it together to sort a case for my FP1 & I managed to crack the screen quite quickly, which I had to live with for 2 1/2 yes cos I couldn’t afford a new one. Is it possible to get an additional case for the FP2?

Hi @Douwe

are there plans to provide slim covers in different colors than the existing ones?

  • Indigo
  • Coral Red
  • White
  • Tuquoise

See webshop:

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No, there are no such plans

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Then I suggest to users with wishes for different colors to buy “White” ones and color them :wink:


I know, I’m a bit late with my reply (the original post being from January 9); and kind of off-topic as well.
But I just wanted to mention, that for the coffee to go cups there is an ecological (and lightweight) alternative to

The Tree Cup -

(Sorry, shop-page and shipping: Germany only!)

Cup, collar and lid are 2.50 Euro each and can be bought seperately.
The cup comes in 9 colours, the collar in 12 and the lid in 6, adding up to 648 different combinations.
Mats in 8 diferent colours are available at 3.50 Euros.

Is there a chance to get my beloved translucent cover back? Perhaps there will be a slim version because not the color was the problem but the rubber band

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Unfortunately, the color parts of the regular cases were prone to break easily, too :frowning: And some reports suggested that the transparent and translucent ones did so even more so than the matte ones.


Let’s see …

… so, currently not.


Maybe a transparent cover needs more community initiative?