New reselling Fairphone places & Creating a Fairphone users map

Hi, sorry for my english…

I love the project and its evolution ! I’m from France and i know we are a lot to be interested by the Fairphone. Could it be possible to create a reselling place in France (and somewhere else) as in Swiss, Deutchland, etc. ?

  • It coul be great for us to go to a place to buy it (spare parts as well) and why not paying in 3,4,5 times.
  • Could it be possible to start a partnership between the main team in NL and the country ?

Another thing is the idea of a “Fairphone Users Map” inclued to the forum. I saw a french topic here and all the questions from french people come in one place (wtih disorder)
All the citizens from abroad are not so comfortable with english. In several languages they could be exchange easily about the fairphone basics and few volunteers could be declared as “guardians” to help them. We could define 4,5 main axes to start - It’s not the idea to translate the main website

Speak soon… :wink:


Hi @Gwarf!

Welcome to the forum, you might want to introduce yourself here.

I would like the second question at first:
We were already thinking about the option of a multilingual forum. Maybe you can contribute here, where @anon90052001 is searching for a crowdsourced translation platform. Also, please vote in our poll about a multilingual forum.

Your first question should best go directly to the Fairphone team. We as a community cannot tell you anything about this. However, @Marco from Fairphone Customer Support might be able to provide an answer.

Merry Christmas,

Hi @Gwarf, as of now we do not have concrete plans for a partnership in France yet - but it’s a good suggestion and we are looking into such things for FP2 and the future!

For the multi language suggestions, Joe knows more about this, for now we try to keep the main forum in English - so everybody can understand each other. But looking into alternatives can never hurt so thank you for your contributions!

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