New Release for FP Open


is there a reason why there is no new release since december?


This might be a reason:

I still feel like Fairphone is not commited to improve information politics in 2017 :-/. Makes me sad…


I do hope for a fp open 17.02, because of the (now cumulated) security issues. . Especially February, where also some rce issues in Qualcomm based phones have been fixed. That said, as far as i can say, the fpos itself also still is in beta?
So, maybe they split forces for MM, but as others already said, better a secure fp open lollipop than shiny new things…


@anon12454812 When does the Fairphone Open OS version come?


Yep… It’s getting narrow for the January fixes getting fixed in January…


Hey guys, thanks for the (so awaited) focus fix for the camera but …
what about the Open OS update ? Isn’t it supposed to come just after the FP OS update ?

It’s already a month now and I really would appreciate a lot to finally use my camera properly for the first time …

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I moved the 3 posts above here.

My personal guess (I don’t know anything more on this subject than others):
Maybe @anon36364121 - the Lead-Open-Os-Developer - is currently prioritizing and being busy with opening Android 6?

Not having the same security updates level as FP OS right now is probably better than waiting 2 months after FP OS Android 6 is released to get Open Android 6. Especially because then we’d also be behind on security updates as FP OS Android 5 will probably no longer be maintained.

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Sorry to keep you all waiting. It is indeed as @paulakreuzer says; we needed to meet some critical deadlines with Android 6 and @anon36364121 helped with that.

Good news is that FP Open 17.01 is scheduled to be released today!

But before you all start updating it is fair to also say that FP Open 17.02 is scheduled to be released next week!

So if you use OpenGAPPS, Xposed or other extra’s that make updating somewhat more work, you might want to wait another week and skip 17.01. (That is what I am doing anyway :slight_smile: )

And yes; this does include a fix for the timebug!


Jabadabadoo!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Great to hear. Thanks for the Info. Maybe you could tell us the reason for a missing Update directly. :wink:

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Just updated to 17.01.0 without any problem. Time and date now are correct after a reboot - even in flight mode.


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