New Modules, idea for FP3 (+)

I have an Idea.
Fairphone could developing new Modules for the FP3(+)

A new Display Module: something better than Ips maybe Amoled Display. When the actual display costs around 90€ Fairphone could set the Price for 100€.

New Speaker Module: a speaker module with Dolby Sound. To have the Dolby Settings Fairphone could bring an Update for it.

These are the 2 Modules that i think could be best Upgradable as the other Modules.

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Regarding display, in my opinion, IPS is great, I prefer it rather than AMOLED: true tone color, no oversaturated and no pixel-burn (think in terms of device longevity). Speaker module with Dolby could be a great opportunity. :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t think that this is compatible with the Fairphone idea, as it produces more electronic waste than necessary. Just upgrading a working module, because it is different, doesn’t make any sense in my opinion. Even the camera ‘upgrade’ for the FP3 is quite useless, as it doesn’t improve the quality significantly, but sounds great (48MP wow :open_mouth: ).
And what’s the point about Dolby, when the speakers are as big as a needle head?


Agree with you. But the new 48mp is making a big difference in my shots (I also made some test). In general, of course little improvement doesn’t mean new module. That is the reason why this idea is an opportunity that will never comes true.

Ok i get it. I just wanted to share that.
Maybe as a waiting time for the FP4 so you dont have to buy a New Device with the newest Tech in it.
Yeah the Production of these Modules would cost Money but it was just an Idea.
But it were some cool if Fairphone would make it.

Would you mind sharing some of your results in this thread? I haven’t seen a conclusive direct comparison of the two camera modules yet and would be very interested.

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That is true, but of course we should know that Fairphone doesn’t want to kill our “waiting time” for a new device because “the best smartphone is the one that we already own” (or something like that XD). Look at Fairphone 2, Android Pie as promissed. Fairphone 4 may take place in 2019+5years… during this time we can enjoy a regular software support (something rare in this time) and the pure smooth of Android stock.

And yeah, new modules could be so cool, but are they sustainable too?


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