New in-ear Fairbuds wind noise?

I’m wondering if anyone have experiences regarding the new in-ear Fairbuds’ ability to reduce wind noise - e.g. during running or cycling?

How well do they do?


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There are some issues with that indeed:


Fairbuds and Fairbuds XL is not necessarily the same I guess?


Sorry if I wasn’t clear: My question about wind noise is regarding new newly launched in-ear Fairbuds’ (not the Fairbuds XL).

Exactly: My question is about the new in-ear Fairbuds’ performance.

I ride my bike to work and have tried the Fairbuds on my trip to and from work yesterday (1 hour and change each way) and I have some experience with them now.

While using my Fairbuds, I was on the latest Firmware version at time of writing (v56).

  1. With ANC on, they do block the wind nicely. I had some issues, but the right earbud doesn’t have the best seal in my ear and it’s likely that the wind issue is solved when I install a bigger eartip. At no point, however, was the wind too loud to drown out my audiobook. It was slightly annoying, but not overly so.
  2. With ANC on, you still hear cars and motorcycles driving near you, so they’re on the safer side for cyclists/pedestrians listening to audiobooks or music on moderate volumes.
  3. With ANC off or ambient mode on, the wind is overpowering. I could barely hear my audiobook.
  4. With ANC off or ambient mode on, there is a sudden drop in audio quality. I have emailed Fairphone’s support about this issue and they told me that they’re aware of it and are working on software fixes for this, so expect those in the future.

If you have any more questions about my experience, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your experience, @Mathijsvand.

My own experience cycling regularly with the old TWS earbuds is that some amount of wind noise can be somewhat acceptable when listening to talk radio/audiobooks, but absolutely ruins the experience when it comes to music. Therefore the wind noise issue is quite important for me - I would like to use a new pair of earbuds for music listening while bilking as well. But for now I’m not convinced about the quality of the new Fairbuds in this regard - unfortunately.

But please share any further experiences - thanks!

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I used to listen to music while biking, but I felt like it made me too unattentive, because I was too used to the road. Audio books help me to focus.

Good luck in your search for earbuds that’ll help you travel your best (and safest) way!

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What about phone calls? Is people hearing you well or the wind affects the call quality on the other end? Thanks for any feedback!