New icon in the Android status bar

Hello everybody !

I’ve got a dumb question :

Recently, i am this New icon on my status bar.
It doesn’t seems to be a commun Android icon.

Do you already know it?
Is it a specific fairphone icon?

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We had that question already, it shows a WiFi or VoLTE Call as far as I remember.
Found the thread;


Thanks you, that’s it!

Hello to everyone.

Sorry to ask such a stupid question but there is an icon on my phone (between wifi and mobile network), which I don’t know and which doesn’t disappear even after a reboot.


Can someone tell me what it is and how to remove it? (Android 12, FP4)

Thanks for your help!

Hi and welcome to the community forum, Elgui.

Your question was already answered so I moved your post here. Have a look at the solution above.



I have a FP4. Since two days ago, I see this symbol on the top right and the battery goes down much faster. Anyone got an idea what this is and how to turn it off?

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I have moved your question here as it has been answered here before. Just see the reply by Incanus above. :slight_smile:


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