New Google Emojis on FP2

I’m a Fairphone 2 user, and, you know, I’m this kind of people who use a lot Emojis (emoticons, smileys, idk how you call them).
I downloaded, when I bought the Fairphone, the Gboard app to use Emojis (we have to, they’re not in the standard android keyboard). But since like 2 months, I can now see the new Google Emojis (the round ones, not the Bob ones) but when I click on one of those, it appears on the screen like the old ones. I know I’m not clear, so here’s a screenshot:

So, yeah: I would like to have the new Emojis on the screen as well, and not only on the keyboard.
Hope you can help me,

Clément ( )

If you already use TWRP or another recovery capable of installing zip files, you only have to download a flashable zip with emoji, boot into recovery and then install the zip. If you don’t have a custom recovery installed, follow the steps below.

  1. Install the Android Debug Bridge.
  2. Download a working version of TWRP to your PC.
  3. Download a flashable zip with emoji to your FP2’s internal memory - such as this one.
  4. Turn off your phone and boot to bootloader by pressing Power + Volume down.
  5. Connect the phone to a PC with a USB data cable and in a terminal on your PC, run
    fastboot devices
    to make sure your device is connected. It should show up as a series of symbols followed by ‘fastboot’.
  6. Now, in that terminal run
    fastboot flash recovery /path/to/the/image/twrp-3.3.1-1-FP2.img
    Replacing the path with the path to your file, of course.
  7. Now type
    fastboot reboot
    and before pressing Return, hold down the Volume up button on your FP2, and only then press Return. Your phone will boot to TWRP.
  8. Use the slider to allow modifications, tap ‘Install’ and select your flashable zip file. Confirm and reboot.

That’s it!

Edit: changed link to zip to the one available from the WeAreFairphone github


How quicky is forgotten the work that’s been done right here…


As far as I can tell (and I admittedly haven’t looked into it too deeply), that version of the Noto emoji set is out of date. The WAFP github does have the newest version available for download, but the user has to build it themselves - something I considered adding as an additional step, but considered to be too fiddly for the average user.

Edit: looks like a certain someone has just updated the readymade flashable zip - I’ll update the link in the original post.


Looks like the one who forgot something first was me, indeed… I updated the code and tested it some time ago, but I didn’t push upstream that release, hahaha, :sweat_smile:. As you noted, I did after replying. Excuse my past self there.

Let’s forget all these! :joy:

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