New FP4 stuck on 4 dots

I bought a second FP4 today and its been 2hrs of blue dots since the first startup. I rebooted the phone but its still spinning. Is it possible to fix this on my own? I´d rather get this one working than sending it back… My plan with buying this fp4 was to transplant my old fp4 mainboard to avoid the setup and hopefully fix my signal/antenna issue but that would void my warranty right? If the issue is on the older mainboard I´d be stuck with 2 non working phones…

What source did you get the second FP4 from? Was it sold as new or as used?

As new from fairphone site. I tried to swap the camera module as I´v read it contains the antenna, but it didn´t help my old phone… Now the new suspect is the body or the mainboard… Last resort was to scrap the old phone and use the new one… Whole point was to save time, and now i gotta send it back :neutral_face:

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That’s a relief to hear. What you describe sounds like a bricked phone that only Fairphone’s Repair Service could unbrick (which they usually don’t seem to do with Fairphones from uncertain sources – it’s an anti-theft measure …).

But it might still be something else, let’s see what others think.

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@Tomas_Vrabec could you please explain what operations you have done on the new FP4? Have you started any swapping? Any transfer of the data, settings?
Or is it just a new out of the box phone that refuses to work?


I put a sim in, plugged it in the charger and turned it on. “Bootloop” out the box… Except it doesnt cycle, it only goes on forever

Did you try a dic:factorydatareset ?