New FP4 has been revealed ... but


And is Fairphone going to change the policy of supplying only one model? The 4 is more expensive. I am looking for information about this policy, can’t find anything about it, until now.
By the way, I was a Fairphone 1 owner, and I consider returning to Fairphone.
Kind regards, Aike van der Hoeff

I think there has never been a policy defining this. The reason for only one model per generation in the past IMHO has been that the company is small and the number of produced devices also. But I assume the number of sold FP4 is expected to be higher.

Wow. Super stoked this revision is now a reality. I can definitely see myself going all in on having both a modular laptop (Framework) AND phone. The larger battery, faster midrange processor and majority 4G/5G network band support on T-Mobile is also are also big draws for me.

There are some quality-of-life factors that will keep me waiting on getting a Faiphone for another 2 years – maybe the “4+” will be the one for me.

• My P20 Pro is still going strong despite lack of updates
• The Faiphone 4 lacks a 3.5mm jack & OLED display
• Occasional hiccups in switching between WiFi & cellular and other mild optimization/usability issues discovered by reviewers that will hopefully be fixed in software updates.

That’s policy: deciding to offer just one model or type. My question is: is that going to change or not? I am planning to buy the 3+. Is a lot cheaper.

The FP2 is still supported although no longer sold since 2019.

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