An update on Fairphone 3

Right now FP is a company only selling spare parts.

What a PR nightmare lol


Nothing to laugh about :blush: and :disappointed:

Yes, for me this was the major information in this PR statement.
I don’t need the latest Android version in general, but I can not help myself to feel that things are getting a bit too much delayed…

Anyway, more important is that there will be a fix for the ambient light bug very soon.

That’s bit vague, ‘very soon’ and hopeful, where did you get that info ??

I am expressing my hope that there will be a fix for this bug very soon. No info is needed to have hope. Hope, by its very nature, is always vague.

Hi everyone,

To provide a bit more detail about the Fairphone 3+. We are currently experiencing a shortage of supply for Fairphone 3+ caused by an industry wide component shortage. Our manufacturer is having some difficulty sourcing components as a smaller player. While we are taking all the necessary steps to ensure the longevity of the Fairphone 3+, this has had an impact on our supply. That said, our aim is still to continue selling the Fairphone 3+ and to stick to our longevity promise.

If you’re interested in ordering a Fairphone 3+, you are welcome to sign up to get an email notification as soon as we are back in stock. Or if you’d like one a little sooner, another option would be to check with your closest reseller.

For our current Fairphone 3 and 3+ users, there are no issues with component shortages so all services are still available to you and will be for any in-warranty support as always. And if you’re already out of warranty, you can still contact our Customer Support team who would be able to look into how best to help you further.

We hope this provides some clarity :slight_smile:


@rae What is the internal roadmap for FP4?


I am reminded of an issue that has been brought up in few topics, that is the longevity, and in this case the software support.

a) Software support is incredibly vague and
b) Quoting a two year old promise may be fine to remind those who bought the phone as soon as it was launched, but now it’s a three year support, and less if you sell FP3s after Sept this year.

Mentioning five years for the FP3 is unhelpful and could be misleading to a hurried, or inattentive reader.

It may be better to state the EoL date in all future statements about longevity. I.E, (FP3, and FP3+ supported until Oct 2024)

As a date it cannot be misinterpreted

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The shortage of supply would apply to a FP4 as well…


The shortage of electronic parts is a worldwide issue atm. It affects all the electronics and automobile industries and other.
Imo it is the right thing to use the limited ressources to build a product that is newer and more attractive to customers as an already two year old device.

As @rae stated the FP3+ will be available again, so it is a no brainer that the (software) support continues.
There are long discussions in other threads that the “five-year-support” is seen very differently by people.
In fact no other company officially supports Android phones longer than Fairphone do. The FP2 actually receives alrerady a longer support over Android 5,6,7 and 9. This is unique! I followed @MaartenD at the EFCT19 how hard it is to create mayor updates for that old SOCs, that, btw are not supported by their vendor Qualcom anymore.

I also work in an electronics company. The shortage of parts is very, very challenging atm. With this in mind it becomes even more clear that ressources are limited. Who now still pointing on Fairphone, or the manufacturing industries at all, is not willing to accept these circumstances and, this is my honest beleive, is not a target customer of fair producing industries.


You may like to add a link to other threads/topics.
Whereas consumption is the destruction game so called ‘life’ dwells upon more phones do not cause the same harm as mistreating individuals…

The exploitation of individuals that Fairphone is addresses is the singularly most important aspect of being human, all else follows.

So my argument is that the three years support on next years sale of FP3+ don’t really amount to much.

Phones can be upgraded by custom roms (LineageOS for example) so touting Andriod numbers is hardly encouragment to invest in a phone when thinking of the Fair Trade.

If the issue of Fair Trade is downgraded and software longevity is the deciding factor in buying a phone, not many would want one next year with such low specs as the FP3 ~ so very little trade ~ little profit and hence little Fair Trade.

The more attractive the phone the more sales, hence the more Fair Trade.
A five year support is attractive for a one year old phone. A new model every year with 5 year support would help all.

More sales ~ more Fair trade,
Newer more attractive model ~ more sales ~ More FT

The business decision must be based on financial pushing the Fairtrade issue not the longevity.

There are other phones with repairability, nice for a few diehard DIY people. All my previous phone over the last 25 years have lasted over 6 years, with little software improvement.

I wouldn’t have bought a Fairphone apart from the fact my daughter wanted one and I was so concerned about it’s viability, she’s not a power user either.

Her disappointment after 8 months of ownership has led me to hope an FP4 comes out in Sept as she is about to ditch the FP3 as unusable. Then I’ll try and keep the Fair Trade notion alive by buyer her a new FT phone and I’ll have an FP3 for spares.

Environmental damage is a concern to everyone but degarding another via poor wages and working conditions is slavery and from what I understand there was movement o ban it centuries ago.

We as humans have not stopped slavery, even as individuals. Buying Fairphones is a token of acknowledgment. Worrying about the environment is a distraction.

I absolutely do not agree with you. This is the definition of “fair trade”:

Fair trade is an arrangement designed to help producers in growing countries achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships. Members of the fair trade movement add the payment of higher prices to exporters, as well as improved social and environmental standards.

Source: Fair trade - Wikipedia

Longevity leads to better products which support our efforts to save our environment. Also less phones would have to leave the factory if people payed higher prices, to let workers receive the same income for each phone that is not produced. Because of all the issues not only my personal FP2 has, I am not going to buy another Fairphone soon, and - unfortunately as a consequence - the workers will not receive my money. Every single factor matters and should be taken into account for fair trading…


I know you have a different view.
As a company with the intention to change the industy you need to do one step after another.

Here is a picture that may make it more clear:
We all agree, I guess, that the individual transportation is in many ways not sustainable at all. To change that you could not just radically forbid cars at all. The majority of people would not accept it.
A transformation is needed. People need to accustom to new conditions and that needs time.
This just start to happen, new electric cars coming which are massively more efficiant. Software is evolving and will soon be able to savely drive the passengers to their destination. It is discussable if this is the end of individual transportation, but it offers a big potential.

Lets copy this to the electronics industry. One goal for phones, tablets, computer could be longevity, as Fairphone is trying to achieve. But to create just one phone that lasts forever is not possible atm. To point on devices that are supported longer as others is possible atm. It is the first step, more to come.

Transformation needs time. Therfore it has to start now. Otherwise it could be to late.
(just a little hint for the Germans, who will vote a new government late September)


Although I am from Austria, I suppose that every democratic political party (except the “rights”) will push green technologies forward because a new green industry is on the rise to make business…

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It would be awsome if it is that way. But the CDU, FDP and even the SPD are by far not on path for 2° of Paris climate agreement. They aim for CO2 neutrability not earlier than 2045. FDP 2050. :pleading_face:


Trying to transform the environment is the problem and will always be that way. Some intelligent beings may be able to stop themselves but guiding others to an alternative consumer mentality is the environmental problem.

That is correct. And every being is welcome to do so.
I changed myself a lot the last years. And I need to admit, that Fairphone is to “blame” for it. :wink:


The “drawbacks” are quite affordable, as long as device qualities can be matched to each other. As it seems at the moment, Fairphone rely on the consumers who shall do the beta testing for them (for now).

If I buy blue jeans, I tend to choose a fair trade product. But should I experience that the new trousers wind up way too early, I am through with them and - sadly - will buy unfair ones again. The goal must be to offer almost the same quality, and Fairphone have big potential in this regard. And if they do, they certainly would become a big player in the smartphone industry…


The goal? this is not football. It is the play, the game, not the score that counts. Playing Fair with the other players is the game, the score is total can be a zero draw, but the game has to be first class.

But I get it, all people look to the future and what they can get, a better life, a better life for others, or a better phone what is your game play?

Think of another word for “goal”. (I have meant “achievement”…)

I just want what I paid for: a working phone and no updates that break features…