New FP4 has been revealed ... but


FP has been revealed today and it looks awesome under every point of view: sustainability, fairtrade, performances.

I’d like to have it in my hands … I have to admit.

Anyway, I bought my FP3 1 year ago and it is great, it runs good, and it is almost new. So, simple question: “do I need a new phone?”. “No”.

Maybe, I’ll wait at least 3/4 years before swap it out.

What is your opinion? Do you beleive that “the best phone is the one that you already own?”.



From every aspect, Fairphone is focusing on, yes, I fully agree.
That’s why I still feel it was to early to release a FP4, because a lot of people are not so stable in their mind and have demands and wishes. When a newer, better, bigger, faster model comes to the market, they tend to wish to own it.
And I would like to get a roadmap published so anyone can decide to buy a new phone now or stay with the old one until the new model is realased.


Well following on from @incanus, there’s a topic on the general idea of when and if an FP4 is the way to go and a roadmap would have been useful to quite a few I guess.

I think you should stick to your FP3 as long as you can. Not just 2 or 3 years. Maybe wait for FP6 or FP7.


Wow I’m not sure I could even wait for the FP5 but will try and hang out for the 6 :slight_smile:

Oh yea! and that ugly word ‘should’ that puts me off straight away.

Sorry, not the best English speaker. I meant that’s what I’d do. Unless I have serious issue with my device I stick with what I have.

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For sure, I should edit incipit right now :slight_smile:

Agree with you. I hoped Fairphone would not released the - so hyped FP4 - but here it is. A roadmap is a great idea that I think it could not comes true: think about R&D planning, industrial strategy and so on, making a freezed forecast with an year of lead time (and much more) is not reliable. But of course, this FP4 has the power to attrach new users and to give to the old FP2 users one more reason to stay … isn’t it? :slight_smile:


Roadmap not in the meaning, that an exact schedule is published, but at least, we are planing to release a FP5 at the end of 2023 for example, or mid 2024 and not just out of the blue.
The FP1 was announced in detail in spring 2013 and was shipped 2014. So there was some information in advance.

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yes the communication strategy of Fairphone is really something I do not understand or like a lot. However, I see e.g. at Shiftphones that giving roadmaps is leading to issues as well as people tent to take such timepoints very serious and are then disappointed when its not met (as it would have happened with the FP3)…so I guess however done, there is always somone unhappy with the way it is done :wink:


Nice to know it’s not just us Brits that are disappointed and not just with the weather. I’m born in the UK and am really great at being disappointed, should be my middle name.

I just couldn’t get by if everything turned out as expected. Forewarned or not, as long as I’m let down I feel nothing has changed. :rofl:

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Hello !

I do not have a fairphone any longer because it was stolen. And as I’m far from Europe I couldn’t purchase another one. But I’ll be back in France in December. My question is : will the FP3 be still supported with updates and parts for a long time ? Me too I don’t really understand why they released the FP4 so close to the FP3. And if I purchase another one I will buy the FP3 because the FP4 seems really expansive ! But the support for the FP3 is a real question for me. They announce supports for 6 years for the FP4 but as they released it so close to FP3 is a little contradictory !

Well you’ll get a two year warranty if you buy new.
Software wise, what’s “a long time”

Given FP2 recently was upgrade to Android 9 then there’s no reason to think FP3 won’t have software support for another three years.

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Thanks for your answer ! But the thing is if I bought a Fairphone is to have it at least 5 years ! It’s one of the reason why we buy fairphones isn’t it ? So what about the two years missing ?

The Fairphone 3 was released in 2019, that means five years support until 2024.

I very much doubt chipset and firmware updates last for 2 + 2 or 2 + 3 years. Its going to be a novelty, for sure.

Users who currently have a FP3(+) are going to have support till 2024 IIRC. At that point, a FP5 is out most likely, but not a 6 or 7, so no, you’re wrong.

Yes, but they could aim for more since it’s their thing to propose phones that last more than other. Otherwise it means that either you buy a fairphone when it is released and it’s very expansive or you buy one in the middle of two releases but you can’t keep it more longer that any other phone. I know that phariphones are other sides that make them better than others phone, but I just think it’s a little bit of a shame if they not propose more support for the older models (but maybe they are, I don’ know).

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I’m a little bit upset with the new FP4. I bought the FP3 5 Month ago and I think there are a still a couple of failures in the FP3. Why not solve them first. I don’t think that a FP4 was necessary now. A 4 year period between two versions would be more than enough. Why not introduce a tablet or laptop? More different phones means only more spareparts in lower quantity.

I’m still waiting for the cost breakup for the FP2 or FP3 as which was given for the FP1. What about transparency of the supply chain if the major information is missing. Or must FP already pay for dark channels to hold the system alive? :thinking:

By the way, Please check the programming of the homepage. The links are not working by using firefox.


I have no problem with the fact that they released the FP4. And I am happy that they improved sustainability even more.

But I agree, that next to hardware and sustainability there is software. It is nice to hear what they did to make the FP4 even more fair and how they improved.
But I miss that they did not mention the software side at all - how they want to improve (better tests prior to rolling out patches and more regular security patches).

So I agree: There are still things that have to be solved with the FP3. And we all know that the release of Android 10 was very problematic for some users (I was one of them). And I wish them good luck that the start of Android 11 with FP4 will be more smooth.

So: Good work, Fairphone! Improved hardware, even more fair, good for the planet.
But I hope they will put the effort to software a bit more in the future. When an update is available I just want to install it - and not wait and read the forum first if there are any new bugs introduced with it, like the most current update did :wink:


Maybe you could open a new topic to address each of the failures you have witht your FP3

And please open a new topic under Discuss about homepage errors you find. I use Firefox and haven’t found any problems