Fairphone novelty (novelties?) to come on 30 September 2021

I hope the announcement will concern the FP4 !
I promised myself to replace my FP2 only by a FP4 but I’m starting to lose patience :disappointed_relieved:


Hi Pierre

There was near 4 years between the FP2 and FP3 and a year between FP3 and FP3+ which was less than a year ago, so you may have a bit of a wait.


Which is actually an advantage from ethical consumer perspective :slight_smile:


FP2 → december 2015
New photo modules for FP2 → august 2017
FP3 → september 2019
New photo modules for FP3 → august 2020

FP4 pre-order for the second quarter of 2022? Let me dream ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


BTW, the main page is back up, now, and the link from the email went all the way up from 404 to 504 :grinning:


I’m a little unsure if it really is an advantage when there are 4 years between two Fairphone models (and IIRC the FP3 was delayed and should have been released earlier ending in a situation where the company had nothing to sell during several months of 2019).

My assumption (but no idea if it holds) would be that people interested in Fairphone would not replace their phone if the next model came out after 2 years.

But on the other hand, personally, I wouldn’t have bought an FP2 early 2019. When people’s phones break and the only option with Fairphone is to buy 3 year old hardware (and not-very-long software support as it is counted from initial release not time of purchase) my fear is that a lot will go for an un-fair device again.


I agree, Fairphone 3 is still young but a lot of people are waiting for a new Fairphone because it feels weird to buy a 3-year old phone.
I would bet on a new module for Fairphone 3. Maybe a new Core module?
My first thought was another type of device like a laptop, a smartwatch or a tablet, but after some time, I really think a new core module could boost Fairphone sales and satisfy old customers.

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3-year old? Not 2-year old?
I would definitely buy it but I’m waiting for my current phone to crash :smiley:


These things came to my mind when reading about the novelty:

First thought: Oh, finally there is Android 11 rolling out!
Second thought: No, they will not charge 700€ for it.

First thought: Oh, they are doing a FP4?
Second thought: The software team is very busy and sometimes struggling with Android upgrades and updates. Hard to believe they will add another phone now to make them even more busy.
And if there really will be a FP4: Please keep the multicolor notification LED!

First thought: Oh, there will be an OLED-screen replacement for the FP3?
Second thought: Yeah, that would be great! But not for 700€.

First thought: Oh, they are going to sell a tablet?
Second thought: Ok, I don’t need a tablet. But would be interesting if the company will rename to Fairtablet instead of Fairphone :wink:


Oh yes, 2, you’re right!

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A core module, in my opinion, is not going to happen. From a legal point of view the “core” (mainboard with SoC, memory and everything else) IS the phone. With IMEI, certifications and all the other legal stuff.

And think about the users, buying a new core module: “Oh, I just changed the core module and now all of my data and apps are gone?! WTF?!”

Really see no chance that this is going to happen.


You are completely right. Didn’t think about that.

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Just opened the email-link, no problem occurred…

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From Does the FP2 with android 9 upgrade get security updates? - #7 by ontheair

Fairphone said that the FP2 will not get another version upgrade, so Android 9 will be the last official Android version.

As far as I remember they did not really say anything about how long they will provide security updates. But I guess there will be security updates as long as Google will provide them. This should be until September 2022, then Android 9 will be EOL (according to several online sources).

Imho it could be a new device. But which technical features would it have? Maybe it could be comparable to an unfair produced phone costing 450€.

How would that be fair?? paying wages is the only cost.

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Nope. Using environment saving processes costs, too. Read the company documentation for more details…


Going off topic

A process is a human activity ~ hence more wages. The sun, air, water and earth are free but if you can’t do it yourself you pay someone or bully them to get some and manufacture your wants.
Fair trade is about not bullying people to exploit the the environment so wages is the only concern.

Back to topic: How any of this relates to (novelties) I don’t know.

The only idea is that someone thought it a novel idea that the Fairphone could have the same specs and price as other phones. That will only happen when everyone gets Fair treatment for the work they do.

My argument is that it is not going to happen and I’m prepared to pay twice or thrice to ensure those doing the dirty work ~ fair wages ~ and I’m not sure even that is happening.

So it would be novel to see fairer trade but if you pay people too much they won’t do the work ~ so it’s never going to happen, but it doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing as the whole idea is to encourage the consumer to be more responsible in their demands.

It’s not a novel idea to be fair, that’s why we have legislation because most people don’t give a second thought to the suffering or others ~ which is bad for global business and dire for the individual that has a soul.


An industrial process must not mean human activity, hence no secure connection to wages of people. Producing electricity by solar power doesn’t mean you need more people then in a brown coal power station.

If the FP2 won’t get security updates for sure after 2022 by fairphone (but maybe by e.g. LineageOS), the software team from fairphone would have spare time for security updates of a new phone.

But you are here and discussing it. The topic seems to be important to you, even if you don’t see it on your own, if the Fairphone is fairer.

Besides the (in my opinion) rather minor possibility, that FP is presenting a new device.
There might be new accessories; like, weren’t they looking into new headphones?

But maybe they are partnering up with some telecom company to offer special contracts (e.g. using eco-friendly energy, CO2 neutral) or something in that direction.
The price could be a Fairphone with a one or two years contract (or just a contract).

I just have my doubts, that Fairphone has had the means in the last years to develop something like a tablet. And while they are for sure busy working on the FP4, they - imho - won’t present it this way and that soon after releasing the FP3+.

Therefore I would think in the direction ob business development/partnership/… Something more intellectual property than hardware oriented.

But I can be totally wrong of course.


As the tweet video said “The ________ that can change a whole industry” I am thinking this is not a new device but maybe some

  • new component
  • new process
  • new way of using recycled material

As for the 700€ I guess it doesn’t necessarily have to be new stuff…