New FP3+ purchase running latest LineageOS - need help with a few issues


when my Fairphone 3+ arrived, I installed the latest LineageOS on it, but I have been experiencing some problems. I’m not sure if the phone is at fault, or if it is due to LineageOS. Hoping you can help, or if not, point me in the right direction to get some assistance.

  1. the most serious problem is the headphone jack. Listening to music or calls is fine, but the microphone seems to be very badly distorted. I tested it on multiple headsets which are working fine on other phones. Currently I can’t use the jack for phone calls as the other party can’t hear what I’m saying.

  2. Wifi/mobile is much weaker than my previous phone (Xiaomi Mi5). For example, in my bedroom I am a long distance from the wifi modem, but this wasn’t much of a problem for my previous phone. With the FP3 I get no wifi signal. Same with the mobile data, it’s much weaker than the previous phone.

  3. Whatsapp calls seem to occasionally lose connection when screensaver comes on. It gives a message saying it’s trying to reconnect and the other party can’t hear me (nor me them). If I turn on the caffeine feature, the problem doesn’t happen.

  4. This is a minor issue but it would be nice to have a solution. I like to listen to music in bed before I sleep, and I usually have the volume at the minimum. However on the FP3, the volume is too loud at min setting - is there any way to lower it further?

Many thanks.

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