New FP2 broken after very few weeks, touchscreen not responding at all

Hello all,

I’ve a new FP2, now 7 weeks old. Some time ago, without any intervention (the phone was on a table connected to the charger and had reacted this way) the touchscreen became fully irresponsible. The buttons are working, but it is impossible to do anything else. Also it stated on a small top line “no SIM card”. They were 2 simcards inserted that had worked on the phone so far. Removed both SIM cards and there were no longer working on other phones. Also, the inserted and as internal memory formatted SD could not be read nor formatted on other devices.
I did report this to the customer service, wich responded with a list of operations to do, all impossible because the touchscreen is not responding at all. And since some days, no more responses from the fairphone support.

Besides this, my question is if it is possible to connect via cable to the FP2 to be able to unlock it - eg. with computer mouse and/or computer keyboard and how and what is needed. Not being else able to know wich module(s) are faulty.

Sure, the way is a response from customer support, but I’m not so confident after the first responses I received and also other things I read about the Fairphone customer service. This is my first Fairphone and, if things do no change substantially, it will be also my last one: wasted time, material and money so far.

Thank you for every help!


Depending on where you are, there might be a fairphone angel or community meetup near you:

Or maybe you find someone here on the forum who is willing to meet so that you can try the other person’s display and see what happens/if you can perform the steps the support suggested.

Yes, this would be a good solution. But I’m living in a very isolated town in the Pyrennees, far away from all. The nearest possibility is a 5 hour car trip (+5 back), not very sustainable too try to fix a phone.
Thank you very much anyway.

The touchscreen becoming unresponsive typically happens when there is a problem with the charging cable (if I understand it right, it’s about the cable having no (electrical) “ground” or the ground being damaged).

If the touchscreen stays permanently unresponsive even without a cable connected, you can try to connect a normal computer (USB) mouse via an “OTG”-cable (USB “on the go”).

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Already tried, with computer cable but even without (the battery is charged) with no luck.
Also I can’t switch off the phone, not being able to click on the “power off” alert on the screen. I can only remove the battery. Also removing and re-mounting the display several times, cleaning contacts with isopropyl-alcohol has not helped at all.

Thank you for your efforts…

Can you force a restart by holding the power button for 12 seconds?

Yes, I can. The touchscreen remains locked, but this means probably that the core module is ok?

Trying to manage to connect a computer mouse physically to the device… but no adapter here.

Finally I have managed to connect a computer mouse to the FP2. No reaction, nothing to do. The phone remains locked at all.

Thank you guys for your help. I support does not react, I’ll have to sell the components of my phone to have some money to buy a phone I can afford.

Well, if the phone is only 7 werks old, you are probably entitled for a warranty replacement of whatever is defective.
If you don’t get feedback from support, contact them via phone, for details see #contactsupport.

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Waiting for the technical support to answer…

If you’re fed up waiting, I’d suggest a phone call to the customer service, it’s the way to have an immediate answer :wink:

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Thanks. They stated I have to wait for the technical team to answer. Since nothing.

Anyway, I need a working phone always due to the nature of my work, day and night, and FP2 has proved enough not to be reliable to me. At the moment from the failing I had a second phone in reserve, but FP2 has screwed up both inserted SIM cards leaving me in a, in professional terms, critical situation. I have switched to other brands, and there is now no hurry. As FP2 is repaired (under warranty) I will sold it out.

Core module replaced and FP2 running for some weeks. Then spontan reboots, every couple of days, then every hour, later avery 5 minutes, and now with unsuccessfull reboots, stays on the Fairphone logo for hours until I remove the battery.

Never again Fairphone, I’m sorry.

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