New FP 2 user, having problems with xprivacy not showing apps

Hello, i just bought my new fairphone 2, and installed the fairphone open OS, xposed and xprivacy. Now when i open xprivacy, it does not show any apps in the main application list/check to restrict.

I am pretty sure this is not a bug in the app, but rather me forgetting or not knowing about a particular setting. Do any of you know about a fix to this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Starting with the obvious … xprivacy is enabled in the module installer? Any filters in xprivacy active?

(Me running xprivacy without problems, FP Open OS 16.07)

Yes, xprivacy is enabled in xposed installer, there is no problem registering og starting the the xprivacy app.
The only filters that are active are the default: “Filter on permission” and “filter on user applications”

Hmm, same for me… Did you try changing the value to see whether anything changes? Did you already try reinstalling?

What do you mean changing the value?

Yes i have tried reinstalling, and also tried the second newest version. The only thing i can think of is that i haven’t gotten my mini sim card yet, and that somehow creates a bug.

I meant switching options in the filter settings and then try to get an app list… Maybe it’s somehow got mixed up with the current settings…

Alright, i found the solution. I was being stupid. Thought i had double checked everything. But i hadn’t.

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