New forum features and layout - what do you think?

Yes exactly. If you enter a 300-posts-topic for the first time though, it would take you some reading to get to the bottom. :wink:

That’s what I said. I only said “usually” because sometimes - if I already read all the posts including the last one - it will take me to the first post and for Wikis and other often-edited posts this can be really comfortable.

I might have been a little bit quick there. I’m not sure if I looked at any closed polls before I wrote this but I just noticed that none of the polls that were closed before the update still show any results.

Here is a list of all the (expired) Polls

It’s not very important - these polls are old anyways and also we have most of the results here - I just thought I’d mention it.

I just got the same totification on fennec. This is really cool


I can’t unlike posts anymore. Neither on desktop nor on mobile.

I just liked and unliked your post, so it still works for me (on desktop)

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Ok it works on your post too. It works on some posts/topics and on others it doesn’t work, like ob the refugees welcome topic

There is a cool-down phase in which you can still unlike. After a certain time period it is not possible anymore.

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So anybody can make a nice comment somewhere, gain some likes and the edit the post to something completely different and nobody can unlike it? Doesn’t make any sense to me.


Everyone can flag a post and the mods can hide it in consequence.

From the FAQ:

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Just because a post is not worth a like (any more) doesn’t mean it needs to be flagged.

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Correct, I can’t un-like @paulakreuzer’s post anymore…

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But it certainly is worth a flag, if the content changes crucially.

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Since the latest update the search popup/window is broken on the mobile Fairphone Forum. The little magnifying glass on top redirects immediately to the full page search. So I cannot do searches anymore without leaving the page.

Can you reproduce this?

Same here. Don’t know what it was like earlier, never used that function on the phone.

The same as on the desktop version. A search popup right beneath the magnifying glass.

I’ve just noticed that notifications make me look like Mickey Mouse


That’s a cool new feature. It’s new that pins can have countdowns right?