Make "Refugees Welcome" your account title

Yes, please go ahead for me as well: Refugees welcome


Refugees welcome from Berlin!


Good to see you’re expanding the scope of the term ‘fair’


Refugees welcome in Canada! We have LOOOOOTS of space! Haha. (Most Canadians want to bring in more Refugees, but the Right Wing government is dragging their feet. Hopefully a Leftist government is about to be elected.)


Welcome welcome welcome :wink:


I’m in :wink: Refugees welcome from France!


Hate to spoil the party, but Europe won’t notice.


Would be proud to have the refugees welcome after my name :smile:


Add me please - it is an obligation to help people in need. If people talk about the christian religion and then do not help, I do not know if they even know what their religion is about.


Please add “Refugees Welcome” to my account too. I am in UK where very little is being offered…

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And welcome in Belgium !

Hey, let’s do the first step before the second!
And for that it is important that we do notice!

Please add it to mine, too!

Yes, please add it to mine too.

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Normally Australia does it’s best to stop refugees. Thankfully, this time they decided to help (albeit a little).

I could not agree more and even though I am in France I am very ashamed by many, especially Germany’s (topmost) politicians in this respect…

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Yeah, Germany is the worst, welcoming only about 40 percent of all asylum applicants in the EU in the first two quarters of 2015. The other big players like France and Britain are really putting Germany to shame.

If you had a look at my post you might have seen that I am ashamed of

Germany’s (topmost) politicians

as you have correctly quoted…

What I was referring to was the way the whole situation is answered by our politicians: Way too many only focus on how this is really, really disastrous for Germany (and its economy) and especially Horst Seehofer and his disciples fish at the right-wing edge (“am rechten Rand fischen” in German)* by saying that asylum applicants only come to profit from our social system instead of raising the awareness of the people that these refugees do not have much of a choice and would have rather stayed in their respective home countries if the situation there was not unbearable…

By the way, the idea to deny asylum applicants the right to take up a job while their status is not cleared, to make them stay in collective camps for even longer than already now (as intended by the new law to be passed) does not help for integration.
On the one hand, politicians are so understanding of “our people’s fears” regarding those applicants who live from our society’s wealth on the other hand they hinder them from contributing - and leave them to boredom and the feeling of unusefulness… Putting many, many people in this state of mind in one place, it is not very surprising that tensions may arise - another thing “our people” fears but for which the reason is not addressed.

Moreover, I certainly do not imply that the UK or France may be (much) better in this respect. But I am no citizen of the UK or France (and only voted during the national elections in Germany therefore - not that my vote would have contributed to this government but this is another subject) and I think that Germany’s politicians should be well-educated enough and have enough historical background to react more welcoming or at least more nuanced than the lowest pub talk (“Stammtisch”).

Hoping to have cleared this up.

*Without Angela Merkel intervening - she has the power but I do not remember her using it.

If you want to go deeper into the subject from a satirical point of view I recommend the last episode of Die Anstalt (22.09.2015) for all those who understand German.
Hard facts can also be combined with humour to make you think.

Not sure how I could quote you correctly without looking at your post, but, well, stranger things happen.

Spaß beiseite, I see your point in general. But the “topmost” politicians would be Gauck and Merkel - and they have both been very vocal proponents of helping refugees - like many other prominent members of the big parties’ factions. I don’t like Seehofer myself and some politicians have made objectionable statements in public, but I think you’re painting too dark a picture here of the German political class as a whole.

Reading and understanding aber Semantik beiseite:

Regarding the “topmost”, I would not count Gauck as such - I see your point from the official point of view but not power-wise… but this is not as important.

Concerning their being for helping refugees this may be true during the last months in a way but Germany (by doing of its politicians) did itself resist for a long time the urge of the southern EU countries to change EU regulations to redistribute refugees in a fair manner over the whole of the EU - as long as it suited them - they only changed course recently.

And again, I do not want to condemn all German politicians. No group of people ever contains only “good” or only “bad” people - don’t worry I am aware of this.
I know that there are politicians who reason and try to help in (m)any possible way(s). I just feel like there is too little resistance to the populist “statements” I referred to coming from politicians in high positions and with high media coverage like Merkel in this respect. She could leverage her apparently good image in the general public to counteract but instead Seehofer invites his new pal Orbán and celebrates the closing of the German borders as his victory…
Too many to-be and actual asylum applicants centres already burned (in the past and this year) and I do not think this to be a coincidence - some opinions just have to be flagged red by arguments in public discourse.

P.S.: I concentrated on Merkel because it is good that the opposition reacted but people who vote CDU/CSU will not forcibly take this as serious as if she had done so.