New forum features and layout - what do you think?

I didn’t come here so often so I am not too familiar with the old design :blush: - but the new one looks nice.
One thing though: the newest posts in a topic are always at the bottom so I have to scroll down quite a bit often. Is there a way to change this and display the new posts at the top?

@Ruth_FP1 you’ll usually start with the first topic you didn’t read yet when opening a topic, but you can click on the post indicator which says e.g.: “1/19” and then click on “top”, “bottom” or enter a specific post number to navigate faster than scrolling.


Actually for me this is automatic: The threads automatically open at the last read post for me.

Yes exactly. If you enter a 300-posts-topic for the first time though, it would take you some reading to get to the bottom. :wink:

That’s what I said. I only said “usually” because sometimes - if I already read all the posts including the last one - it will take me to the first post and for Wikis and other often-edited posts this can be really comfortable.

I might have been a little bit quick there. I’m not sure if I looked at any closed polls before I wrote this but I just noticed that none of the polls that were closed before the update still show any results.

Here is a list of all the (expired) Polls

It’s not very important - these polls are old anyways and also we have most of the results here - I just thought I’d mention it.

I just got the same totification on fennec. This is really cool


I can’t unlike posts anymore. Neither on desktop nor on mobile.

I just liked and unliked your post, so it still works for me (on desktop)

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Ok it works on your post too. It works on some posts/topics and on others it doesn’t work, like ob the refugees welcome topic

There is a cool-down phase in which you can still unlike. After a certain time period it is not possible anymore.

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So anybody can make a nice comment somewhere, gain some likes and the edit the post to something completely different and nobody can unlike it? Doesn’t make any sense to me.


Everyone can flag a post and the mods can hide it in consequence.

From the FAQ:

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Just because a post is not worth a like (any more) doesn’t mean it needs to be flagged.

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Correct, I can’t un-like @paulakreuzer’s post anymore…

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But it certainly is worth a flag, if the content changes crucially.

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Since the latest update the search popup/window is broken on the mobile Fairphone Forum. The little magnifying glass on top redirects immediately to the full page search. So I cannot do searches anymore without leaving the page.

Can you reproduce this?

Same here. Don’t know what it was like earlier, never used that function on the phone.