New fairphone2 not working

Hi there

I have had my Fairphone 2 for only 2 weeks now and it stopped working! It all of a sudden won’t work with my SIM (I put my sim back in my iPhone and I could get calls again!) and now when I went to turn it off, it won’t turn off!!!

I’m hoping that I just got a dodgy phone but this is such a disappointing experience. I’m still waiting for the support team to contact me. I tried to call when I was free at work and it’s shut because I’m an hour behind in the UK!

This is just turning out into a nightmare…

Hi Laila,

not sure whether I will be able to help you, but at least I can support you provide information that others might need to help you further.

What is not clear from your mail: What does “stopped working” mean? You write it won’t work anymore with the SIM that you used before (and which still works in another phone). But you also write it won’t turn off anymore.

It would be helpful if you described, what the first sign of malfunctioning was, and which steps you then executed in which order and what the state of the phone was during these steps.
This information is probably not only helpful here in the community forum but also when you are filing a support request ticket / making a call to official support.

Anyway - in case the phone is broken it will be a warranty issue and you’ll get a replacement. Otherwise you’ll receive help either here in the forum or by official support.

Hope you’ll have a working FP2 again soon!


Hi sorry that was a bit of a rant, completely out of frustration (i’m trying to buy a house and have missed so many calls today!!)

All of a sudden yesterday, I had zero network on my phone. I thought that it was an issue with my SIM, but turns out that it wasn’t. I put my SIM into my old iphone and then it worked again.

After that, I tried to turn it off today and then the screen froze! I couldn’t turn it off. I had to take out the battery!

It was just one thing after the other! In the span of 48 hours, it seems that my phone completely died on me!!!

You don’t say how old your iPhone is, if it was iPhone 4 using a microSIM that’s fine but anything later uses nanoSIM and I hope that you are not going to say that you are using this in a microSIM adapter in your FP2. If you are using a microSIM as advised, have you tried using SIM slot 2 and see if elicits the same result?


I tried both SIM slots. I had to change my sim to the Nano SIM to try it
in my iphone. I had nothing to lose at that point and couldn’t waste
another day without ANY phone being used.

Neither SIM slot works!

Hi there,

And, if I understand you well, you use an adaptator Nano->Micro (like this one).

Do you think you can try with another SIM, maybe one of your friends?

Have you check this page?

Hope this helps…

Get it now, you popped out the nanoSIM central portion of three in one SIM to use in iPhone and replaced in microSIM frame for use in FP2; you are lucky that you are using new FP2 with stronger SIM pin holders as earlier ones very easy to damage. As it such a new phone you must instigate a return to base ASAP, although if mine I would have tried resetting device to factory settings and re-installing latest firmware. However I don’t see why you should be taken out of your comfort zone trying and will have already lost confidence in this particular unit.

Thanks. I tried another SIM and no luck! The other SIM works in another phone as well. There is no issue with Nano vs micro. I am well aware of the difference. If the SIM card doesn’t work in my phone as a micro but works in another as a nano, then there is something wrong with my phone.

thanks for all the tips but there is nothing wrong with the SIM!

I’ll have to wait for the support team to eventually call me back and post it back. I seemed to have drawn the short straw and received a defective phone. Such irony as I waited months for one!

Hi @Laila_Zafar,

Sorry to hear about your phone!
As have been mentioned.

Also, if you haven’t already, I would advice you to do a backup of eventual data, contacts and such to a computer or SD card.

If the resetting and eventual update does not help, at least you know that and you can report that info to the support team.


Thanks for that but I would not expect to have to reset a device TWO weeks after getting it! That is not a good sign of what to expect.

Plus the support team has not gotten back to me. This is just horrible service. I’m tempted to give in completely and return it!!

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Under UK distance selling regulations you have probably already exceeded 14 day cooling off period for notifying it’s return, although this device is not currently of “merchantable quality” and you have every right to demand a new one.

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