"New Fairphone update" Status line interrupts WLAN operation


I tried to find somthing about my problem - but have not found anything. So I start a new thread:

I have a 2nd Gen FP and updated last moth from 1.6 to 1.8. The update was successfull, but: When I have WLAN connetion activated and try to surfe in the Internet the connection is constantly interrupted by a status line saying “Nwe Fairphone update” - and I have to reload evey page 5-10 times before it is loaded correctly. Whern I switch WLAN of Web_browsing runs ok.

Please who can help? Is downgrading to 1.6 a solution or willthere be a 1.81 update soon?

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Which browser do you use? I use Firefox for Android and do not encounter any problems.

On a sidenote: We do not know, when the revised update of 1.8 will be available, but I doubt it’s too soon… If your issue really bothers you, you should downgrade.

i used the standard browser, but the problems stayed with using Chrome.

So I decided to downgrade to 1.6 today. In progress now…

I experience the same problem, and until the ‘New Fairphone Update’ operation doesn’t stop it pretty much breaks my connection. There’s a thread somewhere about getting these updates to stop running so frequently but I couldn’t manage to find it (or stop the updates from running), something about clearing the cache from your FP updater. I won’t downgrade though.

Meanwhile I am down to 1.6 again.

There was some trouble with android.process.media-Failures afterwards but they could be fixed by resetting the data cache of “Media Storage” and “Download Manager”

Now it seems to work OK again :slight_smile: - Thank you

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You mean **Settings > Apps > Fairphone Updater > Clear cache **.

Right, that’s what I meant, but it was of no use.

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