New fairphone is locked with code

i got my new fairphone 3 yesterday, sadly it is locked with a code and also in chinese. sure the laguage change gonna be alright, but what about the code to actually open the phone?

Did you buy your phone with Fairphone or a reseller?
Contact them, there’s no way the community can help with that.


yeah i did already, waiting for answer. i was just hoping that i made some mistake. thanks!

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and i bought i directly from the fairphone website :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless you turned on the phone, set a code & language, then turned it off and forgot all about it I don’t think a mistake like that is even possible.

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no, i hope i would remember that :smiley: so i will wait for answer, thank you!

Maybe they forgot to reset the phone after performing some basic tests for functionality in the factory in China. I would expect them to do that with the random phone for ensuring quality.

I really feel for you, having waited for so long and now being locked out. :frowning:
But maybe you can take it with a little laugh as well. With your luck, you should play the lottery. :wink:

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yes, i thought about that, if it is like that i probably will have to send it back. what a luck! i hope i won’t have to wait another month. i guess i will survive it :slight_smile:

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Did you try 0000 and 1234?
Or is it a pattern?


Thank you so much, I tried so many options and forgot the 0000. And it worked. Great!


I was about to tell you to go to recovery but 0000 is a simpler solution :joy:
Don’t forget to reset everything. Just go in the Android Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Reset Options -> Erase all data.


I only remembered because I was exactly in the same position as you are, just three months ago :wink: By the way, I only tried 0000 and not 1234 (which was the right one in my case) until Fairphone suggested to try that.


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