New Fairphone 3 - Instagram Log-in Issues

Hey Guys! I just got my new phone in the post and its super great, I love that I could just log into my google account and its basically identical to my old Pixel 2 which DIED dramatically this week.

The only thing I’m having issues with is I can’t log into Instagram. I have 3 accounts which are all linked, none of them will let me log in. I get the “Unknown Network Issue” error message on any of them.

I’ve tried all the troubleshooting advised online - I’ve reinstalled the app multiple times, my internet is fine, everything is set up properly. But I can’t log in! I also can’t even raise it with instagram, because their robot also thinks my email address is not a real email address, which is weird.

Mostly I’m just wondering if this is a Fairphone issue, because I’ve never had it before. I can log in on my Pixel, on my laptop, on my partners iPhone. It just seems to be my new Fairphone thats not playing along!

Without instagram I may as well send it back and get a flipphone, because I dont really use much else. I’m using it to run a business as well, so … kind of a requirement.

Thank you for any help anyone can give me!!

Welcome to the forum.

Did you use a VPN before?

A quick internet search suggests that you can get this on other phones, too. For a start …

Edit: More prominently the OnePlus Nord seems to be affected, too. Interesting.


I have Insta working on my FP3, so it should not be a general issue with the phone. Good luck with the guide that @AnotherElk posted above - I am sure you will have your Instagram up and running any minute!


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