New Fairphone 2 : screen simply doesn't work

I just acquired a new Fairphone 2 and the screen simply doesn’t work and react to touch. The buttons work well. At first it had some bugs but by closing and re-opening it, it was ok. I’ve rebooted it and now it simply doesn’t work. I can’t type the PIN number. I’m very disappointing in the quality of the product. Should I return it? Disassemble it?

Also it can’t be recognized when linked by USB to my iMac (even though the battery does recharge). Any idea ? :cry:

Yes, try that. Try to carefully clean the connectors.

If dissembling doesn’t help then you’ll have to contact support. But be aware that they have a huge backlog and will take long to answer.

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have you mounted the SD-Card? (Settings --> Storage --> the three dots upper right corner)?
Try other USB-Settings when connected.

Thank you both for your reply. After disassemblage, the screen works. @paulakreuzer
@Friek What do you mean exactly by mounting the SD-Card? When I go to the menu you say here is what I have (USB Connection to the Computer but I can’t click on it or whatsoever)
I’ve looked it up also on the internet and I’ve enabled this menu but doesn’t work either (menu for creators, sorry it’s French)

I’ve also tried the Android file thing on my computer but it doesn’t recognize anything:

Warm thanks for helping me

I used this description from the forum. Maybe if you switch to english for the settings? I don’t see it anymore, as I mounted already.

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