New earbuds not working properly


I just started using my earbuds a couple of days ago and already experienced some hiccups.

The first thing is that after abt 1 hour, the left bud warned for low battery and shortly after died peacefully, even though it had been in the fully charged case over night and it stated 100% battery on the Bluetooth icon. Is this familiar to anyone - anyway to sort it out?

The other issue is that today some of the tapping functions stopped working. I can turn the volume up and down, get voice assistance and change ANC, but the fast tapping functions, stop the music or change tracks, don’t work. Also I noticed that the music didn’t stop when taking the buds out - not until I put them in the case.

Anyone got any solutions for these issues - it would be appreciated!!

Welcome to the Community Forum.

From your mentioning of tapping, I concluded you mean Fairphone’s TWS (in-ear) earbuds, not their big Fairbuds XL. I added the tags at the top, if this is wrong, just say so and it can be changed.

That’s correct - it’s the in-ear buds I’m experiencing problems with!