New display stays black while FP2 starts


Today i have been installing a new display, battery and bottom module while waiting 3 Months for it - and it still doesn’t work… The Phone seems to be working (because of the LED and the vibrations when i start it), but the screen stays black. I tried different things, for example to install a newer softwareversion manually, but it didn’d help… So i really hope to find some help here, while slowly losing patience…

Can anybody help me here?

Are you running the latest OS version?
As far as I recall, the new displays require FP (O)OS 17.10.x

If that’s the case, you might be looking for a FP-Angel in your area, for helping you with testing your display or maybe swapping displays so you can update.
You can locate the nearest angel on the #communitymap.

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@BertG is right, the OS version has to be new enough.

Does the recovery work perhaps (hold Volume Up pressed when starting/rebooting the phone)?

Since you seem to know your way around doing things manually, you could try booting the latest TWRP recovery version without flashing it … it supports the new displays, so something should show up on the display if it is not a hardware problem.


Hey BertG

Thanks for your Help!
I couldn’t find an FP-Angel in my Area. And yes i tried to install the latest OS version the day i posted here, but it didn’d work. I’ll try it again.

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Hello anotherElk

Thanks for your Help!
The recovery doesn’t work.
No i don’t really know how to do things manually, i found an introduction and tried it then, was surprised that i made it my own haha :wink:
So i’ll try booting the latest TWRP recovery version without flashing it - next level haha let’s go :wink: Thank you!


I wonder: Did installing a new OS not work or did it not solve your issue?

Did you do it according to this guide:

Yes I did it according to that guide.
The first Time on the “manual flashing script” was written, that no Phone could be found.
And as I tried it again yesterday, there was written: “checksums do not match, try to download the manual update again.” - i did that several times, but it was always the same error.
I’m gonna try it on another computer later… Or do you maybe have an Idea?

Okay, so i tried it on another Computer and there’s written the same Message as when I tried it the very first time:

** Fairphone OS 17.22.2 Manual Flashing Script**
Validating files…
All files are valid, let’s go!

WARNING: No device found in fastboot mode
WARNING: Make sure that a fairphone 2 is connected
WARNING: To check for devices, type 'bin…
Do you want to try it again?..Yes/No

It sounds to me as if the fastboot driver on your computer does not work.
Which is your operating system? Which driver do you use?

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