New "Cover" Idea

Hi! Some months ago my FP2 cover started to break. As I was too lazy to promptly order a new one, I started to use my telephone without back cover.

The experience was incredibly positive! The telephone is thinner and I think it also look very cool :slight_smile:
There are some drawbacks: the battery sometimes flip out, the vibration mechanism gets very dirty, etc

But it think it should be very cool to try to fix them and have a thinner, cooler telephone!! Maybe an idea for next “minimalistic” backcover?

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I don’t think it’s a good idea because the vibration mechanism won’t be the only component that gets dirty after some time. If Fairphone finds out you do that then you’ll probably never have a warranty replacement for any hardware issue ever again.


Honestly I was pissed off, because the cover broke after just 3 months without any valid reason, the plastic that keep it fixed just got loose. I don’t want to pay another cover now.
And as a matter of fact without cover it’s much thinner. My idea was just to have some plastic around the telephone to prevent dust to go inside. It would also be very simple to put a small plastic around the vibration mechanism. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for your feedback.


Well you don’t need to buy a new cover if the old one broke without your input. That’s what the warranty is for. You’ll get a free replacement. It will be a “thick” cover again, but maybe someone is willing to trade it for a slim cover in the #marketplace::tag.


Hi Montik!

Yes, I like your idea. Since I got the FP2 in my hands for the first time, I am complanining about these boring backcovers. The phone is really slim, the display frame is smaller and it looks just more modern! I tried the new “slim” cover now, but it doesn’t make a big difference. It also feels quite cheap.

Thats also the reason, why I am wondering, that there are no alternative backcovers on the market. Okay, there’s the company called shapeways, which produces nice and funny covers. But thats the only company I know. Maybe that there are not enough Fairphone 2 owners, but the community is growing and instead of being one of the other iPhone case producers, I’d start my business here.

I’d pay up to 100 € for a nice produced wooden cover, which covers the back and maybe the sides of the Fairphone 2 a little bit. Like a Miniot cover for the iPhone. Instead of wood, Flaxfibres are also okay! I just need somebody to produce it… :smiley:

You should contact the producers / makers of such covers and ask, if they are willing to adapt their form factor to the FP2. :slight_smile:

The Fairphone was designed to have a cover that goes over the edges of the screen for optimal protection. This way it can survive falls from eye-level or even more.
Designing a cover that fits without going over the edges will a) be hard b) probably void the users warranty and c) go against Fairphones goal to make long-lasting phones.


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