My Fairphone Survived a Fall of 2 Metres

I dropped my Fairphone down a flight of stairs onto a hardwood floor. About a 2 metre drop speed up because I tried to catch it. I had a moment of absolute panic… but when I picked it up it didn’t have a scratch and was working fine. In fact, I received a text mid-flight and everything worked okay.

Lets see an iPhone do that!


Let’s see an iPhone do this:




I think most of the problems of “modern” smartphones is the missing protection on the corners, which causes most of the screen cracks (if the phone falls right on one of the four corners). FP is probably less sexy, but much more protected.

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Now that’s what I call a true “Unboxing video” :smiley:


@paulakreuzer I have to say I’ve been upstaged. lol. That’s amazing though! That has to be a record for cellphone’s dropping and surviving!

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