New Community Manager: Meet Douwe!

Hi all,

As you may have read in his introduction to the forum, we have a new Community Manager at Fairphone - @Douwe! (Read all about him)

Douwe will be your community advocate, bridging the communication between the team here and all of our community out there. So he’ll be the main contact now for the forum, social media and all other community projects. It’s about time we have someone committed to taking on your community ideas and projects that have been floating around these months/years, and I believe Douwe will be a great point person to connect the interests of the community throughout the company.

I’ve been doing community work for Fairphone since we started in 2013, and it’s been amazing to talk to all of you and absorb everybody’s questions and comments for the last 2.5 years. (And great to meet some of you in real life!) I’ll still be lingering here on the forum, of course, but soon Douwe will take on a larger role here. Be nice to him! :slight_smile: Thanks so much to our community mods @Stefan, @Chris_R, and @paulakreuzer for doing such a great job during my ‘tenure’. Now, adieu!

Fades into the background, behind his computer screen…



Thank you for all your input here on the forum and beyond. :smile:
Hope to see you in the future.


Thank you very much for your great job @anon90052001 and welcome to @Douwe :smile:


@anon90052001 - you don’t get to leave that lightly - we all still know where you are hehe

But seriously, thank you so much for everything you have done! The mods wouldn’t be hear without you!