New camera module drains battery

I was sure I’d already read similar posts but I’ve been searching for some time without finding anything. I replaced my FP2’s camera module about three weeks ago (just before I went on vacation). Ever since, the battery has been draining extremely quickly. The phone also tends to get quite hot but I’m not sure whether this has become more frequent with the new module.

What to do? Thank you!

Just an update (because I see Paula changed something in my post’s status): a month later, I have learned to cope with the problem (I put the phone in flight mode instead of “do not disturb” when I won’t be looking at it for a while). I also have the impression it has stabilized a bit: it doesn’t drain as fast anymore, and it hasn’t been going to 40% to 0% in a few minutes, as it did a month ago. But I still seem to charge it a lot more often than before I changed cameras.

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